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  1. Typo, corrected, thanks and appreciated
  2. An official Statement from Yarr! Yarr and it's leader cctmsp13 want it to be known, this bank is not associated with Yarr other than it being managed by a Yarr member. The alliance of Yarr holds no responsibility for investments lost due to bad loans. Of course, I will not tolerate my members committing outright fraud, so if you have suspicion of such feel free to contact me, however even in such a case Yarr will not reimburse more than we can seize from Utter Nutter's account with us. That said, I have reached an agreement with Utter Nutter to take the extraordinary step of (slightly) opening Yarr's books. Utter Nutter has agreed that any client or investor in this bank may request to know the balance of Utter Nutter's account (both cash and resources) with Yarr. --edited to reflect in game name change -- editted because i can't type (thanks Zig)
  3. Anti-Anti-Whale Treaty (micro pockyclypse and Yarr) There are people on this world who like to harpoon whales. As both micro pockyclypse and Yarr possess many whales, such people are concerning as we would like our whales to remain un-harpooned. As such we agree to the following: micro pockyclypse and Yarr with share information on the position and intentions of whale harpooners. micro pockyclypse and Yarr have the option (though not the requirement) to come to the defense of the other in case of an attack by a harpoon, and to coordinate such defense between themselves. This treaty's terms do not apply to any attacker who is not a whale harpooner, and it is left to each signatory to determine who is and who is not a harpooner. The initial treaty runs for 30 days. At any time the signers may review the treaty and renew it for up to 2 months (61 days). The treaty may be renewed an unlimited number of times. signed cctmsp13 - Yarr KIM JӨПG PӨЯK - μpockyclpse
  4. The leadership is ex-pirates, as are the majority of members, however it stopped being only pirates after we decided to let the former leader of Terminus Est (the one before the current one) crash with us after he disbanded the alliance.
  5. What were you doing (or trying to do): Transfer funds from one alliance bank (Yarr) to another (Benediximus) What happened (describe thoroughly please): The transfer went through, the funds are now in Benediximus, but the transaction doesn't appear in the transaction log of either alliance (edit: it does appear in the Alliance Activity log, just not the Bank Transaction log) Link to page: N/A Any other relevant information: this was a large transaction, maybe something overflowed? Screenshot: (if available): let me know if you need one.
  6. Thank you I always tell them, keep max mil. Maybe some burning pixels will make them listen to me.
  7. Anything that allows one player to take an action (like a bank withdrawal) through another players account feels like it should be against rules on multis.
  8. Thanks to Prefontaine for posting the better version, he sent it to me on Discord, but whenever I tried copying it it copied the dark mode colors, and I didn't have time to figure out how to do it right....
  9. Yarr acknowledges that we have been overwhelmed by the number of nations attacking us and surrenders to COalition B under the following terms: Yarr acknowledges that Clarke did nothing wrong That is all Signed for Yarr: https://i.imgur.com/fX7C0ge.gif Signed for Coalition B: https://i.imgur.com/eAHrdFc.gif
  10. In our defense, we noticed the attack right away, it just took us this long for anyone to remember forums existed.
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