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  1. Gobi

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Application: Nation name: United Kingdom of Lanka (Not real in game name - I hope this is okay) Population (may use in-game numbers): 308, 000 Population density (may use in-game numbers): 103 people per square mile Official currency: Lankan Rupee GDP (may use in-game numbers): 272, 210, 357 GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): 882.92 Form of government: Absolute Monarchy Describe your nation: A Kingdom of Majority Tamil people. After a bloody and drawn-out war, all Tamils united against their oppressive government to form the United Kingdom of Lanka. Being only a few months into its creation, they have just decided on an adequate ruler to sit on its throne and rule over the country. Policies and country info to come. (Hope this is enough :)) Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): I'd like to have all of Sri Lanka but if that is too big I'd like to have the Northern Part. All of my info is according to in-game but nation name and currency. I hope this is okay but let me know. Really excited to get into this. Is there any tips and tricks when starting or do I just jump into it?

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