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  1. I agree it was handled poorly. I rerolled a 500+ day nation to clear myself of the stigma and try and salvage some reputation but I’m still being branded a cheat and being embargoed. Alliances have even given orders to embargo the innocents in Nova *cough*Typhon. I think Alex handled it badly but also the community hasn’t helped in my opinion the guilty have been banned so let the innocents play on without witch hunting them
  2. It’s been great @Uriah 'the Fox' sad it had to end this way ?
  3. Nope that’s my re roll. Also can people please stop embargoing me I clearly didn’t knowingly cheat because I haven’t been banned. I even re rolled my nation to completely remove any chances of my old nation being assisted by any cheated money 19 cities of this nation were not bought my Nova but I got rid of them anyway out of guilt for not spotting the cheating. This witch hunt is disappointing and honestly makes me not want to be part of this community anymore.
  4. Beans98

    Ban Appeal

    Apparently I’m not banned I was being trolled sorry
  5. Beans98

    Ban Appeal

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=92791 Hi I was NR gov and I’ve just been banned? I’d like to see the evidence why I’ve been banned as I can provide logs of discord and everything to prove I knew nothing of the cheating ?
  6. Well I’m making this one post here. As you’ll know I was one of the leaders of Nova. Due to the scandal I’ve had the dodgy cities deleted by Alex but this won’t be enough for you guys and I understand that. For that reason I’ll be rerolling. But I’d like to ask you guys that you stop witch hunting the members they didn’t know and I didn’t know. I think it’s quite disappointing what’s happened and how the community has completely flipped on us even when Alex had listed who he thinks was involved. I’d like to clarify I didn’t know what was going on the trolls won’t believe me but the friends and even IRL friends I’ve made through this game will know me and know I’m telling the truth. I feel guilty for not spotting the cheating guilyu
  7. Nice bit of selective cropping here so I thought I show you guys the whole picture. Vijay is clearly saying some "trolling" things but David Jr is also clearly saying things back to him. Such as "send you packing back to India"
  8. Don't you think your digging a bit deep here just to justify yourselves? In this "evidence" Fezza laughs it off.
  9. Those screenshots prove nothing though? The one guy that said it isn't in out alliance
  10. Beans98


    Multi in Sirrus Nation Link - https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=125948 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=133166 Nation Names are Syro and Syron ? Have the same unique user ID's.
  11. Don't think many new alliances are prepared for the #5 Alliance to hit them ?
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