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  1. Saving this for later. Simple then that πŸ‘Œ
  2. Will be fun, more pixels to burn. Oh btw, next time wait till you're out of vm and maxed on mil.
  3. For some background, crunch raided, BS countered, crunch raided more declaring on more Bs, then Alan asked for 50M. For those that are uninformed.
  4. Great to know you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future ❀
  5. Congrats and well lived Swamp ❀
  6. Also, you say "we" like you weren't in TLE for at least half the conflict πŸ˜‚ get off the forums until you're ready 😘
  7. You must've forgot how to read, but not leak. Go lay down super secret spy that leaks member level shit πŸ˜‚
  8. Thanks for the positivity everyone, glad to finally move on from this ❀ For the trolls, catch me in RON how bout that? 😘😜
  9. Swamp and Arrgh find common ground The open seas have fallen silent for weeks now. Sunlight broke through the thunderheads above and glinted on the ship's cannons. Sure raids were common, but our combat had never before been on the scale seen here. A rallying cry went out to The Ampersand's allies, Arrgh was raiding their coasts. The pirates and their bloodlust was growing and we had to stop them. Our coalition launched every ship we had in defense for The Swamp. We fought for every inch. Stalemate, one step forward, one step back. A costly and senseless war. When we look back upon this war we will still feel pride, pride in our bravery and comradery. We call an end to this conflict, neither side victorious, nor a loser. Peace with honor has been reached, and although raiding will no doubt continue, Tomorrow the Swamp is returning home while the pirates turn to other shores. Cheers to Swamp and Arrgh alike, tonight we celebrate with the best beer from Farkistan, the best rum from Arrgh. TL;DR, Swamp and Arrgh sign a White peace
  10. In the time I've known you, you've become a favorite. Still Jealous I didn't get you into TLE πŸ˜‰. Great things coming for sure, look out for it 😘
  11. Don't worry, I cried a bit too ❀ Thanks man, I tried to set the best example I could. Cheers to Oasis 🍻
  12. I truly have love for all of you. O7 Xi, you have a very bright future in TLE.
  13. Atlan's Last Decree Before I start, I'll let you know. To try and keep this short and sweet would sell TLE, and Orbis short. Gonna be a wall of text and if you don't wanna read it then don't. To TLE: Tbh, I don't know where to begin. Yall have been the best friends I've had I think. Even carrying over to real life. The community you helped me build is outstanding, I don't think I could be prouder. To my 2IC's, Olly, Ralle and Poppa. Yall have been phenomenal in helping me grow to be a strong leader for TLE. You each deserve as much credit as me in developing and creating the community we call The Lost Empire. I sincerely thank you for helping me during my time as Ocean Master. To my many Legatus', past and present. You guys have led TLE in a remarkable way. Each and every one of you have set the example for future generations, and each generation has gotten better and better. Without you, not me or my 2ICs could've done what we've done. You've each contributed more time and dedication to TLE than I could ask for. Thank you. To the Praetors and Tribunes. Yall are the proving grounds for leadership. Every one of my 2ICs and Legatus' started where you are. You are what moves TLE. Your infinite work loads and endless learning are a big part of TLE's success. Without you, TLE couldn't grow. We wouldn't have fresh ideas and good change, we would be stuck. I admire all of you and thank you for your services to TLE. To my many, many Centurions and Decurions. You guys are TLE. You guys are who inherit all of the decisions my government and I have made, good and bad. You fight the wars I send you in, you pay the taxes that ensure our safety and growth, you're the ones who have to accept decisions you didn't make and sometimes don't understand. You're the heart of TLE. Thank you. You have all, everyone mentioned above, followed me with undying loyalty. Some more than others, but that's ok. You have all helped me grow as a Leader, Friend, and everything else. I owe you all so much I could never repay you. Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. To Allies (Past and Present): You guys deserve mad credit for TLE. From the ones who helped us from a micro, to the ones that recognized us once we were stable. I'll miss dealing with you all so close, but I look forward to the relationships you build with the new Administration. 07 Valk, Gold, Vexs, Sid, Dynamic and Mhearl. My Roses 🌹 07 Ming Empire, yall are scattered now, but you were always great friends and I got to keep a piece of you (Henrik). 07 The Regiment. Yall are also scattered, but you were a major player in TLE's success. Happy to keep Simmons around in Nova Roma. 07 to Panth, despite our fall out, you never hesitated to give me a treaty when I needed one. All jokes aside, I'm glad you're a part of Orbis. Major respect to Swamp. Old Swamp and new. Yall were the biggest help to TLE. You raised our status in Orbis and gave us the benefit of the doubt on signing us. We've grown so much with you by our side, and I can't thank you enough for the friendships you've brung to Myself and TLE. You guys have become our rock, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 07 Alexio, Hannah, Kilo, Wilson, Harry, Scott, Bozzie, Kosta, Matrix, Darvolt, Jack, MMM, Kitschie, Tyrion, Scratchy, Grave, Quichwe, Kaz, Cosmos and Putmir. I probably missed alot, and if I missed you than it was not intentional. Thank you all for your friendship and support. I'll be around πŸ˜‰ To Orbis: It's been amazing playing with you all. I have about 3 years of leadership under my belt now, and through the years I've met many great people that haven't been mentioned. To list them all would be impossible, but I appreciate you all. Even our Arrgh thorns πŸ˜‚. You've all helped me and TLE grow in various ways, from raiding to wars, treaties and friendships. You've been a great community and I appreciate you all. Although my time as leader is over I'll still be around. Last Words Leadership in the New California Republic, GodFury and The Lost Empire has been one hell of a time. It's consumed alot of my time and focus. I'm happy to have started what I did, and happy to see where we've brung it. It's an incredible feat for all of us involved. With this letter I Formally pass the torch to Pops. You'll be a great leader and I have 110% confidence in you. Long Live The Lost Empire and Long Live Poppa. I'll be watching ❀ TL;DR: Atlan Retires and Poppa Onuris to succeed as Ocean Master of The Lost Empire.
  14. Welcome to Swamp! I'm so happy to have helped this come true 😊 here's to good times, and the beautiful future of the Swamp 🍻
  15. Chapter 5: β€œThis is the part where you run away” After serious deliberation (30 minutes), Swamp has decided to immediately remove The Immortals and The Fighting Pacifists from our property. Signatures: The Lost Empire: Atlan, Poppa Onuris, Xi Jinping The Ampersand: Alexio, Kilo, Hannah, DemonSpawn Farkistan: Bozzie, Kitschie, This Fckn Guy The Federation: Kosta, Jack Poe United Socialist Nations: DarVolt, Matrix
  16. I'm wondering the same about you? You successfully gathered intelligence about Queen Adriennes Revenge. Your spies discovered that Queen Adriennes Revenge has 1 spies, $171,486.10, 2,110.81 coal, 2,155.89 oil, 197.30 uranium, 1,074.69 lead, 482.69 iron, 386.85 bauxite, 1,462.25 gasoline, 5,105.43 munitions, 1,172.16 steel, 2,231.72 aluminum, and 44,135.40 food. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $210,000.00 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed. RIP Isjaki
  17. You do have him raiding, he's just raiding you instead of with you πŸ˜‚
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