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  1. Generally speaking for new nations it is best to produce raw resources until you have the ability to grab a project that boosts manufactured resource production rates. This very much excludes food, don't produce food until you are super big. You should max out each raw individually before producing another one. All of that being said, this is all stuff an alliance is there to help teach you. There are more nuances than that and its probably more so important to have an alliance that can help teach you the game and fund you through your early stages by teaching you that at 3 cities its more important that you be raiding than producing whatever. You would be much better off reaching out to your alliance about these kind of questions than the forums
  2. For anything else in the game you are correct, but Alex has verified because ads are not really part of the game and just there for revenue. He does not mind them being automated to any degree.
  3. Nah doc's script still works, it just requires having a tab open for it and needs to at the minimum be refreshed daily. I have this thing running as a service on a scrap yard PC I put together out of junk, never gotta touch it or care about rewarded ads again. I am just insanely lazy 😂
  4. Just unzip the folder and there should be a .exe in it. Run that program. Eventually a browser will pop up to log into the game. Once you are logged in the browser will close. Simply leave the console up and every day itll generate $2 mill in game for you
  5. fixed a quick mistake I made. accidentally had it trying to play ads even after it was done, my bad! Link is now to the corrected version
  6. Very fair 😂 I DMed Alex the raw script for some degree of transparency but would appreciate if you did that and report back so anyone concerned can have peace of mind
  7. So most everyone has some semi automatic method of playing their rewarded ads. You open a browser, navigate to the ad page, and your script handles the rest. But what if you could just leave the ad player running and automatically playing your ads for you every day even if you cant get to the computer to open a browser yourself? Well do I have a gift for everyone <3 It shouldn't need any instructions but if anyone is confused on how to use it please let me know Fully automated rewarded ads program disclaimer: neither alex or I are held responsible if the ad service provider bans you from viewing ads. While this has not ever been a problem, it is still at their own discretion and there is nothing alex can do if that happens. Use any form of ad automation at your own risk and do not bug alex if something goes wrong. updates: Sept 19th v1.0.1: fixed trying to play ads after 25 Sept 27th v1.0.2: updated the packaged chromium to correct a bug some systems may experience
  8. Where is my title thalmor I am jealous I don't get a cool title
  9. I am a simple person and just really like unique things. This clock uses a chain to stand out and be unique and I think that's just really wonderful.
  10. Custom captcha every game designed to be fun while also achieving bot prevention, accuracy and speed the captcha is completely affects your team in the next game?
  11. I don't see much use to reducing total quantity of orders allowed, orders are already sorted optimally for new players. I can definitely get behind not allowing people to place orders over what they can support though. As much as it is nice to trade on margins, it has pros and cons and in the end it exclusively hurts the casual user. Market changes should be made first and foremost to favor casual players then traders second if it doesn't harm the casual base.
  12. I mean really no need to censor me from the screenshots pal. I am honestly an open book even when plotting stupid stuff so really it's just more fun to ask me for details. Fun facts about this screenshot. This is all from honestly about 8-9 solid plots ago. Anyone who knows me knows I'm on new crazy idea thatll never happen every week. Then once in a blue moon I do that crazy idea and baffle everyone. (Also greene turned down the proposition thus why this one got abandoned so long ago)
  13. Glad to see another corporation in the markets! It has been lonely lately ? all the best luck to you guys! Feel free to pop into our headquarters sometime and maybe we could integrate some of our services between both of our corporations!~
  14. What were you doing (or trying to do): Play P&W with multiple windows on screen at once What happened (describe thoroughly please): The nation page fails to scale correctly and ends up overlapping some elements Link to page: N/A Any other relevant information: N/A Screenshot:
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