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  1. The sun sets on Highlandia William Wallace, King of Highlandia has led his nation with pride and honor. However, all good things must come to an end. William Wallace after much thought has decided to lower the flag of Highlandia on the Castle Edinburgh for the last time. Apart of many alliances including Husaria, Jedi Order, Covenant, Solar Knights to name a few. Due to personal reasons King William Wallace has declared to have all flags lowered in honor of the great nation of Highlandia and hopes the next King to rule the nation of high lands will be a great one and continue to rule with honor. King William Wallace wishes to personally thank all of those he has built relations with and hopes to one day reunite with friends and allies. Signed: William Wallace, King of Highlandia
  2. Congrtruslaind os thissf truumph virtory. Nao im no drink. Jast merly hapty for thise involefed.
  3. Don't forget to sign a prenuptial agreement form.
  4. Looking forward to working that much closer with you all.
  5. I mean calls counters shit but still goes back to #7 alliance for help on counters from #70 alliance but hey
  6. Solar Knights DOE Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony. Both parties have agreed at the courthouse behind the middle school past oak street not the old the one by the midget graveyard. As one ship sails the open seas in search of another to one day dock together as one. So shall these two in time become one. Often one wonders to see how this all began. It started as a dreary day SpongeBob was marched through the brothel saw William Wallace and said “dibs.” William Wallace looked into SpongeBob's sponge holes and thought “This will do.” Through their love they voluntary made a Marriage Certificate so they can share their shit and lessen their tax burdens. William Wallace promised to disclose his personal whiskey recipe and SpongeBob promised to disclose his STD results. Any offspring produced from this union shall be given to the winner of single combat jello wrestling. Both parties are required to share a room at least twice a week and alternating weekends as for the off chance this mess somehow doesn’t kill them. In the event of plague the non infected individual shall shoot the other out of a cannon into a dormant volcano. Any animals with more than two legs shall belong to SpongeBob while animals with two legs shall remain in the hands of William Wallace. Both parties promise to never give each other up, let each other down. Never run around the other, and desert them. To never make each other cry, never gonna say goodbye and to never tell lies and hurt each other. Marriage Certificate This Certificate certifies the union between SpongeBob and William Wallace. Both parties agree that they will remain faithful, will trust in each other, and to never go behind the others back. Until death to they part this certificate is hereby bound by the word of god. Officiator: Pontifex Atomicus William Wallace: SpongeBob SquarePants: William Wallace SpongeBob SquarePants Wedding Party: Kiwilliam, Paul Warburg, Raiden Baker, Napoleon Gallo, Snjar Dreki, FROG5TAR, Stadius, Thew
  7. The Covenant DoE The Covenant is an alliance who follows the righteous path. The Great Journey belongs to all believers. Although only a mere micro the Great Journey shines as a beacon to all to come forward into its light and onto the path. "Halo! It's divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation." "Soon the Great Journey shall begin, but when it does the weight of your heresy will stay your feet, and you shall be left behind."
  8. The signatures are a little off but still beautiful.
  9. Image Type: Alliance Flag Image Link: Nation ID: 87960 Alliance ID:4899
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