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  1. KT & friends looking IQ planes dropping bombs on them while thinking "why oh why can't I?"
  2. Can you create a single button for rebuilding infra? Something like an empty box where you write desidered infra level, click "confirm" and all your cities with less infra than that got rebuilded. As I know that you need us to jump on the biggest number of pages so you maximize income from ads, you can add a confirm page for every single city, even for the untouched ones. "Would you really want to spend xxx to build infra up to 1000 in city one?" [Yes] [no] "City 2 is already above desired infra level" [ok] Even with the same number of clicks (and ads) this will eliminate the need to do math ("so..i'm at 643.14, to go up to 1k I need... 357.86. No fuk! i need... 356.86! Ok!")
  3. When you offer/ask for peace, you should have the possibility to offer/ask something (cash and resources).
  4. When you do a direct trade offer to another player you have to write his nation name. (Nation name: Bortland) Can this work with player name too? (Either nation name: bortland or leader name: bortwald) Thanks!
  5. That. So let me have more fun
  6. Who cares if whales will benefit more if the entire pletora of ppl playing will do more wars?
  7. Is it really happening?! A salty post where the target is not IQ!
  8. Restoring infra should cost less than building infra, 'couse PW is a game and going back to the point you where before beeing at war/raided have to be easy!
  9. Yes! Our ally NPO and the ones that wants to join IQ are robbing our members! Pls help us take them back by making your whale nations delete and reroll so we won't be scared again by our enemy mightness!
  10. Is it becouse I don't have a profile pic? Is it becouse I cannot properly write in english? Or simply is it becouse my idea really sux? No one liked my idea! I'm astonished lol
  11. Bounty hunters will come. If first swarm won't get the bounty it will be even worst, as a new swarm will come after the first. Fighting against a friend is a net loss. But less than with a real fight against a real opponent. Let's make a (not real but) easy example. Nation A have a bounty on him. Nation B is a friend of A, nation C an enemy. Let's say that both B and C would made and suffer same ammount of damage (quite sure C would do more than B, but go on assuming they do the same). At the end of the war with A against his friend B, A get beiged. A suffered 50m of damages, B suffered 50m of damages. B takes the bounty and the loot. He keep the bounty and some part of the loot to go even: so he keeps for himself 50m. He than gives back to A 20m. A suffered 30m of damages, B 0 damages. Now do A against C. A get beiged. A suffer 50m of damages. C 50m. C takes the loot and the bounty: so C have a net earn of 20m. A have a loss of 50m. The math is easy, first war to the alliance means 30m damages, second war to the alliance means 50m damages. Numbers are surely incorrect, but I think I have explained well my idea on the bounty system
  12. I discussed how to cancel bounty effect, as probably everyone has done. You have to fight back, or Alex will ban you. You have to fight against friends, so at the end damages will be less than fighting a real enemy and you can share the bounty. Also fighting with friends assure you that the loot will come back home. Sure, there will be still damages on both front, but still less than if fighting against a real enemy. You have to fight against 3 friends, so you close all spots for enemies.
  13. It is exactly the fact that he consented that is killing the bounty system!
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