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  1. Sean289

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    @CandyShi I completely agree with your last line and would like to elaborate on it. Making the game easier for new players is fine although there is a fine line between being reasonable and just being over generous. If you make it too easy it becomes boring thus difficult to find interesting enough to continue.
  2. Sean289

    Some random stats 3.0

    Me as it is hurtful to his work!
  3. Sean289

    Please Provide A Serious Answer!

    @AlexI agree to an extent as he should join an alliance to grow and then create one. although he is raided as he is not in an alliance. I feel your point about allies is good although to elaborate on that If he doesn't get members in his alliance than he might as well be not in one thus making the alliance redundant. @Lord Didius
  4. Sean289

    Stuck on the Toilet

    It is how? as stuck on a lavatory is not very appealing to me. I may be to other people but that is my opinion.
  5. Sean289

    An new start

    @Ivan Salazargreat point and thank you for creating this topic shedding light on issues!
  6. Sean289

    Stuck on the Toilet

    very well but i mean the topic title
  7. Sean289

    Some random stats 3.0

    Thanks for the information @Sketchy I appreciate you spending your time on this!
  8. Sean289

    I come in peace.

    Welcome to Orbis! Hawaii is a great place and I hope you have a great time!
  9. Sean289

    Hello World.

    Hi, @Maelstrom Vortex its a lovely day! I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Sean289

    Gasoline cheap

    that was cheap on that day april 30th
  11. Sean289

    Stuck on the Toilet

    Please do something serious that affects us not some self important post!
  12. Sean289

    Alliance Recruitment Page

    That's fine just making sure that that was the direction you were going keep up the good ideas! And have a great day.

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