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  1. I have always had quite the respek for gpc to be one hundred percent honest.
  2. Aye, as I've said we're not a religion therefore cb invalid. As far as I'm aware solar nights is some sort of relation to of dark souls but then, yet again, I've only seen bits and pieces of dark souls and to my knowledge there is some sort of character that worships the sun
  3. (The center of offbeat powers is currently evolving due to recent events, another thing I realized is I never exactly made an establishment type of thing in the forums so consider this establishment and notice of evolution) As for there are leaders, there are kings, and there are presidents, then there's harbingers, elders and warriors. I would like to take this late opportunity to give notice that a new alliance, but not so new has joined Orbis. We are the center of offbeat powers, we are flame warriors and elders. We fight for the sun, the Phoenix and anything else that offers us the light of fire and heat as for fire is what we believe to be the key component to being a predator, to being at the top of the food chain and to keep one interested. The Phoenix gives us what we have to live by. The Phoenix provides us with its ashes and goods while we provide it with protection and growth. While the Phoenix is our mother, the sun is our father. Our alliance is not a religion but a group of protectors of the Phoenix we are willing to make allies with alliances of religion, military and any other type of focused concept. Although due to Saracen belief who believe that the Phoenix is a cruel creature who lives off of plundering and killing the innocent. We must side with Christians whenever it comes to faith. Whenever it comes to recent events our Phoenix has died and it has made our father the sun angry with us therefore, we are changing to impress our father like any children of their parent would do. The center of offbeat powers now, from this point on, puts the Phoenix before anything else. As we borrow the power from the Phoenix and the sun, we harness the flame within our hearts and our swords. As the flame harbinger of offbeat powers. I hereby declare our existence. Let us speak word before violence. God bless the Phoenix and you all.
  4. Who says that that war chest is exactly what I have now, who says that I didn't put it in my bank, who says that any of that that's there is all that's there ?
  5. Over the past couple days the knights Templar has been troubling the offbeat powers. It originally started whenever they told us to change our bloc color in which their request was ignored because it's obvious the only reason why they'd want us to do that is because they want bigger money bonus. Then, over the next day, they proceeded to perform espionage attacks against us we know this was an act of aggression, because we didn't move away from red bloc because they have declared war against people for that same reason, as seen in ones cassis bellis. Offbeat powers is taking this moment to acknowledge that we find this as a active aggression and will respond with a war if needed completely open to anybody that feels that they would like to join in. So much for removing kebab
  6. yeah... ok I'll totally do so I have seen the trash talk I was just trying to be formal lol
  7. So the name is Stranto but that much you probably already knew
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