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  1. I really say let him have the cabinet he wants. Rick Perry to be in charge of America's Nuclear Arsenal and Nuclear Power Plants....to suceed the last two guys who were....wait for it...nuclear physicists... But as Obama says, elections have consequences. As long as no Nazis make it to the cabinet, I'm content.
  2. I'm pretty sure the emails were real. Hillary voter here. Yes, Russia used its cyber warfare capabilities to influence our election. When all 17 US intelligence agencies agree on something, it probably happened, regardless of what partisans who adore Trump think. No, Russia didn't actually "hack the vote". But if they convinced enough people who were unconvinced Hillary was shady, that was a success. Trump lost by about 3 million votes, but he won because he got a few dozen thousand votes in a few key states(MI-9000 votes, WI-23000 votes, PA-46000 votes). Its "possible", but "unprovable" that he won beause of the influence of Russia on the election. More likely is that the FBI opening and re-closing the investigation of Hillary's emails just before the election tipped the election in his favor. The actual content of the "leaked emails" wasn't really that damaging in my opinion. More damaging was probably Hillary labeling Trump supporters, many of whom wave confederate flags and give nazi salutes, as deplorables. The guy who's just a slob plumber who thinks maybe Trump can bring jobs back but usually votes Democrat, he just got called "deplorable", and he's pissed and she's sure as hell gonna go vote against Hillary now. Throw in Hillary wasting time and money in deep red states because she arrogantly assumed she had this in the bag, and you can see how she lost. A few million more in Wi and MI would have easily made a difference. It might have been hard to win PA, the gap there was a lot of votes. Then there's the "fake news" planted by Russian bot armies spreading Pizzagate-like stories. Even if those influenced 0.5% of the people, that's enough to have won the election But we'll never know if they influenced 0.0001% or 1%. So, lets enjoy our 2nd Republican president this century who deserves an * next to his name. As for FA, once you get past our American traditions, and just play the world like its a god damn computer game, you can see China is America's sole rival in the world. Everyone else just pretends. So !@#$ing with our rival is probably good FA.
  3. I accidentally deleted my team. A confirmation would be nice.
  4. I totally predicted this in the SK embassy like 6 2.5 months ago!
  5. And also apply statistical reasoning to the threat guns present. 33k people die a year by guns. That's a !@#$ing tragedy. 480k people die a year due to tobacco, including 41k from second hand smole. All so a few corporations can get rich. That's worse then a tragedy. Terrorism in the USA killed 47 in 2015 by the way. Maybe take a few dozen billion from the fight on terror and spend it on smoking cessation(free nicorette?) or gun violence prevention?
  6. I met a real SJW once. She was all like "How could you join the military. They kill people!" Really, wanted to !@#$ slap her. But I wanted to get into her pants more, so I didn't. That is one. One person. Once. In my entire life. I think "SJW" is just generally a boogeyman that righties use to trigger each other. If I had to guess which alliance had the most, I'd have to guess a neutral alliance.
  7. So, this is just a case of your rights meeting their rights and exchanging contact info? WCGW?
  8. Now they're seizing US Navy drones. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-seize-us-navy-underwater-vehicle-south-china-sea-one-china-taiwan-a7480016.html
  9. Carson and Bannon literally can't be part of the Swamp. They are not. Bannon isn't going to be in the cabinet though.
  10. Good point wisdomtree. And there's always the argument "if you share mental health data it will discourage people from getting mental health care. They'll fester alone before they blow up instead of seeking help." How could you make a database that could only be used for gun purchases? I mean, if I was an employer, I'd want to check that list for new hires. What if I was a day care provider, shouldn't the people taking care of kids not be nuts? So, such a database would inevitably spill out there. Asking people to get a mental health sign off before getting a gun seems too restrictive to me. You shouldn't have to prove your fitness to exercise a right. So what other ideas are there to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill (or to liberalsplainit, "those suffering from mental illness")
  11. I feel confident US air and sea power could defend Taiwan if we chose to do so. We'd have to call and get Putin's permission first though, of course.
  12. I'm more concerned that the so-called "help the middle class populist" is filling his cabinet with billionaires from Goldman Sachs. And if they were all black billionaires from Goldman Sachs I'd be just as concerned. He's draining the swamp right into his cabinet. Ben Carson seems like a logical political pick. Not qualified for the job...nope. But when he dropped out he lent his support to Trump and he has been an unwavering friend to Trump since then. Politics is obviously also about politics. He just has to wear this shirt now.
  13. Noted, according to lightning anyone who isn't a white male is mediocre. You know whose cabinet was very diverse? George W. Bush. In 2001, it was the most diverse cabinet ever. Generally, cabinets for the last few decades have been somewhat reflecting the country we live in. Maybe there's just very few qualified women or minorities who feel comfortable working next to white nationalists and Trump still earnestly tried to recruit them and got told "no thanks".
  14. Its interesting that Hillary supporters largely dismissed Paula Jones, but believed Trump's accusers, which reinforces your point.
  15. When someone slings shit, it doesn't reflect well on you to get in the shit with them to sling it back.
  16. So hateful brah. Total liberal here. Yeah, I voted Hillary. I own guns. I'm against anyone who says "we should ban all guns". I'm against anyone who says "if we just ban some guns, we'll cut down on crime a lot!" I'm against anyone who says "an assault weapons man just makes sense to stop the killings" The statistics show its cheap handguns that are the real problem with street crime. I really haven't seen gun control proposals out there to address that. I'd be open to considering them though. I'd be open to supporting someone who wanted to address that. But with so many guns in the country, if you banned them all today, it would take 50 years to get rid of most of them. And you'd also make criminals out of otherwise honest people who don't want to give up their weapons. So that's obviously pure foolishness. Is there room to expand background checks? Is there room to allow cross referencing mental health databases with gun purchases? Is there a way to require a basic gun safety class requirement(kinda skeptical here)? How about allowing pediatricians to ask parents if they have guns at home and are they secured(GOP blocks pediatricians from talking about guns)? What about strict civil liability for crimes committed with a gun you own, unless its reported stolen before its used in a crime? How about if the NRA stops opposing "smart gun" technology that only allows the owner to fire it? I mean, there's lots of "smart" things to do to mitigate the harm done by firearms. But conservatives oppose them ALL because of the slippery slope logical fallacy. And then there are the handful of actual "gun grabbers", probably no more then 5% of the Democractic party(made up statistic), who actually think no one except police and military should have guns. Those people probably scare conservatives enough so they want to stop pediatricians from talking to new parents about locking up their guns. They stop them from wanting to keep terrorists from buying AR-15's. And that has to stop. We need to look at any given proposal in a vacuum. "Is this proposal sensible? Does it achieve important government interests? Does it do it in the least restrictive way possible?(Note: That logic is actually an important test for constitutional law) " Rather then "Does this embolden liberals to go further? Does this get us one step closer to a full ban?"
  17. Is it time to start telling teachers "Thank you for your service?" My wife was more injured as a teacher breaking up fights between gangbangers then I was in my military service. I enlisted for eight years, four on active duty, she taught for 11 years. And I still get people saying "thank you for your service" to me(that didn't start til after 9/11, long after my enlistment ended). All she ever got from the school was "You are all terrible teachers because your students are poor and that means their test scores are low and we blame you!" All she ever got from the state was "Yeah, you know that pension we promised you, yeah, you're not gonna get it cuz we're broke and we took your money and didn't invest it so..yeah, not gonna say sorry you greedy moocher" There was a lot of recognition from her students at least, we still run into them from time to time and they remember her. If any of my kids wanted to be a teacher, I would strongly steer them to another profession. Money is choices. Go do a market-rate paying educated job for a decade, then teach if you want, now that you've got a retirement nest egg and a house that you've paid down some of the debt on.
  18. Are you blaming liberals for letting Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News, sexually harass many of the women he hired?
  19. I think feminism "teach boys not to rape" is weaksauce. Feminism should be about female empowerment. So it should be "teach girls how to cut off a boy's nuts if he's trying to rape them" or "teach girls what do if they get raped" and "help make a society that will believe girls". it took like 2 dozen women coming forward before people believed Bill Cosby was a rapist. It took actual recordings of Gretchen Carlson and Roger Ailes before people would believe he was acting inappropriately. We just don't believe women. You even don't, when you claim "90% or 2% could be valid, we don't know". Likewise, we can't just assume 100% of accusations are true. When women come forward, like trump's many sexual assault accusers, they are attacked as lying sluts and whores. That's why only 1 in 6 rapes ever gets reported. Its generally not worth it for a women to report. She can heal, pay for expensive therapy, and hope she never sees the rapist again, or she can report, be called a lying !@#$ whore !@#$ man-hater and have every aspect of her life torn apart in the quest for "reasonable doubt", and then, 3 years later, maybe start healing and moving on. If you think there's another vehicle to advance sexual assault prevention and addressing how to respond when it does happen, I welcome hearing about it.
  20. The Syrian Army is busy in Aleppo right now. They have always played "kid gloves" with ISIS, preferring to kill US-backed militias. Once they finish Aleppo, they'll get the rest of Syria in hand. The Syrian Civil War is nearly over. Barring major intervention at the last minute by Obama, Syria is back in Assad's hands now.
  21. You know, I despise Trump. Really, I believe almost any whacked out shit someone says about him if its bad. You know, bias and all that, I'm human. But I think he's playing a game with China. The game is "We are stronger right now. We get to set the rules, and you've been acting too big for your britches, so I'm gonna slap your ass down a bit". He views relationships as a set of transactions, and doesn't believe in mutual respect or goodwill. I'm not ready to say he screwed it up. Maybe he can get "something" out of China for doing something("one china policy") that other presidents just did for free.
  22. My point was narrow, that feminism is still relevant because of sexual assault and the very low % of rapists who end up in jail. Your counter-point was also narrow, that feminism isn't the best vehicle to address that. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but I don't see any other movement even talking about it. No one on the right(except in the context of "protect white women from brown skinned rapists"). And almost no one on the left, except the feminist/femin(whatever bad thing you wanna add, istas, unists, or nazis) is talking about it either. That's why I fall back on the 2nd amendment. I can say "Sweety, if some dude tries to 'Trump' you, blow his !@#$ing head off." And alt-right is really pretty naughty bro. !@#$ing Aryan Brotherhood shit there. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/10/us/alt-right-national-socialist-movement-white-supremacy.html http://www.dailywire.com/news/9441/actual-conservatives-guide-alt-right-8-things-you-michael-knowles http://www.npr.org/2016/08/26/491452721/the-history-of-the-alt-right http://www.adl.org/combating-hate/domestic-extremism-terrorism/c/alt-right-a-primer-about-the.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/
  23. Well, I sure as hell don't see any of these "men's rights" alt-righters doing anything positive about sexual assault. The only people on the right who might be on to something are the 2nd amendment folks. Cuz, its hard to rape a chic who can shoot you in the face.
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