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  1. Reuben Cheuk

    Political Realignment

    The abrupt change in the global political environment had taken everyone by surprise. The USNE had lost their most important ally, and adjustments would need to be made accordingly. A military lightweight couldn't afford to be as noisy in a hostile world. In order to survive, the USNE would need to follow a well-known and cynical mantra, used by such great and respected nations as Italy in World War One and... Italy again, in World War Two. "If you can't beat them, join them". British annexations were accepted and an olive branch of forgiveness was extended. The USNE also endorsed, and offered to assist in, their continental infrastructural projects. Most loudspeakers were removed, and those that remained would play music, including the Internationale, only. A statue of a worker with an outstretched hand, sculpted to the communist ideal, was erected on the border, inviting Britain to accept the handshake by erecting their own. A custom snow globe of great intricacy was sent to Jeremy Corbyn, as well as a request for a reestablishment of diplomatic communications. A gift was sent to Frederick Corvus. The gift featured an emotional short film about a young German orphan, who struggles to survive, but is saved by the rise in living standards brought by the recent communist revolution. Also included was a message requesting the establishment of diplomatic relations. A backlash against the far right began, with numerous far right groups designated as extremist or terrorist organisations. Those designated as terrorist organisations were outlawed. Messages to Mexico, Britain, and the CSD were sent out, requesting the foundation of a left-wing international organisation, dedicated to defending worker's rights, social welfare, and combating fascism.
  2. Reuben Cheuk

    Dark Days

    The bodies would be autopsied immediately upon their return, in order to determine cause of death. The plastic explosives were discovered, and removed. They would not be mentioned again, as the political climate had changed enough that the Dominion's actions would go without consequences. The official story in government would be that the explosives had simply failed to detonate, although the story would be withheld from the public in the name of public order.
  3. Reuben Cheuk


    DEFCON 2 was put back to DEFCON 3, in a de-escalating move intended to begin a normalisation of relations with Britain. A small number of EMP missiles were produced as a last resort counter to invading fleets.
  4. Reuben Cheuk

    Research and Development

    The following moves in science and technology were made: The spider silk research was temporarily shelved, due to issues with production. A non-obstructive earpiece was made which automatically translates speech from a foreign language into the user's spoken language. The civilian and military applications are obvious, and the USNE's efficiency in uniting linguistic groups is expected to skyrocket, boosting the economy. For now, the sale of devices is tightly restricted, with translators going to Canada, Masrani and the Tanakosin Empire only. Tiny computer chips embedded in the brains of varying insects were able to finely coordinate movement and sense the environment, now with the ability to catch radio signals. The human tests of the cure for cystic fibrosis have been wrapped up. With some fine-tuning for the human genome and immune system, it has 95% effectiveness. It has now entered medical practice in the USNE. Treatments for Huntington's, sickle-cell anaemia and other single gene disorders are on the way, following similar methods of delivery.
  5. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    A message was sent to MoG[Corp], assuring the corporation that the USNE would not take actions which would undermine freedom in the seas or international trade. The carrier group was offered the possibility of refuelling in USNE ports. Separately, the USNE requested a UN assembly to negotiate a de-escalation of tensions in the North Sea and USNE border zone.
  6. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    A rapid response team of 5000 soldiers was deployed in Denmark, but beyond viewing distance from the border so as not to seem aggressive, as it was a defensive measure. Anti-tank fortifications were placed on the border.
  7. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    News of the Internationale's most recent deployments was passed on to Canada and Masrani Global.
  8. Reuben Cheuk


    DEFCON 2 was put into effect. This means that land forces are ready to deploy within 6 hours, and the air force is ready to respond in under 15 minutes.
  9. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    USNE personnel enjoy the music because of the meme value. They respond by playing back the Nicolas Maduro version of Despacito, also for meme value, and to make fun of the British Internationale. Drones would patrol over the skies of Denmark and the North Sea. Anti-missile interceptors were deployed.
  10. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    The request was refused, on the grounds that what goes on within the USNE should none of Britain's concern, especially for something as mundane as speakers whose main content is music.
  11. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    Loudspeakers were directed at the border. They would play music, interesting podcasts, and occasionally propaganda. The propaganda did not take an aggressive tone, and just warned people to be wary of those promising quick and radical solutions to complex issues.
  12. Reuben Cheuk


    Satellites would be placed above Denmark and the North Sea to monitor British deployments. If British militarisation continued, DEFCON 2 would be in effect.
  13. Reuben Cheuk

    MDP with Masrani Global

    The USNE and Masrani Global have signed an agreement of mutual defence. Below are the terms. Should the USNE face an act of aggression, Masrani Global is obliged to come to their defence. Should Masrani Global face an act of aggression, the USNE is obliged to come to their defence. Masrani Global may use USNE ports with a significantly reduced tax. Masrani Global may enter markets in the USNE.
  14. Reuben Cheuk

    The Vanguard and YEET

    You are deliberately obfuscating what we have said. We never said workers are terrorists. We said that some of the people in the USNE, who you supplied with guns last year, committed acts of terrorism. I do not think you are stupid, so this is clearly a case of obfuscation. We do not believe you are fully sincere in your devotion to high-minded communist ideals, in this case at least. Your timing betrays your true intentions. The moment a report into your subversion of the USNE's democracy goes public, you annex and militarise territory far from the home islands but right next to us. You put effort into annexing northern Germany, rather than just gaining land close to home. You claim that a defensive force is not militarisation, but you omit the fact that a defensive force can soon become an offensive one. Our agreement with Poland-Lithuania was a bilateral decision that threatened nobody. There is no comparison. What you are doing is muddying the waters, a classic propaganda tactic of subversive regimes. Our initial hypothesis was that it was a plot made by a third party, which you would know if you actually read the report before commenting. But after evidence piled up which contradicted our initial view, we were forced to accept the conclusion the evidence pointed to. Our investigation was meticulously and scientifically conducted for over 500 days, and we had no initial reason to be biased against you. You have gulags in Scotland, and follow an ideology which effectively died last century. You have been totally uncooperative in the past year, beginning with arming militants in our nation. We never said you were a terror haven, merely that you fund them in other states. Once again, we believe you have ulterior motives, especially as what you are proposing is what we are already effectively doing. Your final sentence is another obfuscation. We never said such a thing. We said that what you are doing alongside it is aggression.
  15. Reuben Cheuk

    Growing Unrest

    The problem is that you made a mountain out of a molehill. The offer you suggested is the type one offers when a nation is facing civil war, not when a democracy is experiencing protests. Perhaps you, as a authoritarian dictator with gulags in Scotland, cannot tell the difference. By deliberately funding terrorism in the USNE, you have only confirmed the views of 'frauds and fakers'.

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