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  1. An Official TUE Announcement Regarding the ongoing and rather bloody war, TUE will be exiting effective immediately. While we of course wish to have been able to do more, we will only offer support to our allies in the form of encouragement from this point on. We wish all parties luck in this endeavor and particularly hope for the best for our allies. To our allies we salute you, and to our enemies we thank you for the good fight. As per the agreement TUE accepts the following terms: 1) TUE will not further aid our side in any way, shape, or form. This includes economic aid, espionage, and any other forms of actively aiding. 2) TUE will not re-enter the war and will send peace to all of our ongoing wars. Signed: Prime Minister Miss Cake Prime Minister Purplemoon Lord Regent Barry Allen (Sven)
  2. In the early hours of the morning Khufu would begin making his rounds with the generals and advisory council of the empire. The meetings would start with the current status of the nation. "The Empire is very alive and well sir, the hospitals are at full operation and many diseases have been eradicated around the Empire, new and more improved infrastructure is being put in place and the population are already starting to love you." Khufu would nod and then direct his attention to the generals who would all be asking to militarize. Khufu of course would give a subtle nod and a raised hand to silence them as he begins to bark out orders for increased military presence. The meeting would last for a few hours before all of them being dismissed and Khufu returning to sipping some tea
  3. Its not even been a month since my last post so unless you're telling me that at some point I said I was leaving, which I didn't, then I'm definitely on the map pal
  4. With the Egyptian satellites providing Intel on the landings in Africa a quick and short announcement would be made global from the Pharoah, "As of Today, Our patience has been tested by foreigners, they have sought to forcefully land in our home and as such they have dug their own grave. To our citizens and to the World leaders, I am officially acknowledging a state of war between The Eternal Empire and Britannia. As one might have it, you've decided to poke at a roaring lion and now you'll suffer." Hardly moments after the statement was made the entirety of the Egyptian military force would begin mobilizing with 700 ARD-1 (Amun Ra Drone-1) leading the charge. They'd fly in at high speed, close to top speed and begin forming a barrier almost immediately. They'd be followed by several hundred Anubis Bombers which would begin bombing runs near the front lines, not yet hitting them but making sure to incite fear. The troops would begin mobilizing as well, with 500,000 troops and 7,000 tanks moving into the area a few miles behind the front to form a ground barrier against the britannians. Meanwhile in orbit above the planet two Sekhmet Rod Bases would move over the Americas, one over the capital of Britannia and the other over another highly populated city. Two more bases would then be moved over Asia both above Mt. Fuji and the Britannian mines there. A single line of communication would be left if and when they choose to back out.
  5. Claims for February. Just the four dots, ignore the line
  6. In the midst of building better and bigger cities within the Empire, 4 tactical divisions would be sent out into the middle East, first eliminating radical threats and then securing communications. Once established the Empire would send an armada of 300 ARD1 and 200 EFC-3 along with 2 tank divisions and 3 infantry divisions across the lands setting up multitple bases specifically so operating out of the Northern regions which are considered high priority. Once considered secure the nation would then begin placing constant surveillance drones and border guards before releasing the following statement "As of today, The Eternal Empire of Egypt has drawn lines representing what the government believes to be under our protection from outside colonization and has furthermore placed the border under 24/7 surveillance requesting all non-african nation's not cross into the border or risk an escalation of conflict." below is a map of where the mentioned border is, and where the empire has set up military bases and claimed under Egyptian control
  7. Upon receiving news of the launch of the agreement Pharaoh Khnum Khufu would release a short statement during a press conference on the expansions in foreign affairs. "The Eternal Empire of Egypt is pleased to see these accords put into action and we hope for a fruitful future between our two nation's and I would like to personally wish prosperity and growth on Masrani Global"
  8. :CLASSIFIED: Military Might of the Eternal Egyptian Empire Ground: Active Military- 1,000,000 Reserves- 700,000 Total Troops= 1,700,000 Challenger 2 Leopard 2A7 K2 Black Panther Anti-tank vehicles Anti-aircraft vehicles Artillery Transport vehicles Vehicle total= 15,000 Airforce: Egypt Class Fighter (ECF-3) - Armored fighter jet similar to the F-22, stocked with heat seeking missiles and fully rotating, automatic machine guns on either side. Designed to enter and exit the atmosphere with airtight containments and oxygen to last approximately 24hrs under normal circumstances and being completely full. Max speed of Mach 7 Anubis Bomber A7 (ABA7) - High stealth bomber capable of speed up to Mach 4 and able to drop payloads up to 70,000 lbs. The jet is fitted with reflective technology able to turns itself practically invisible to the naked eye. The jet is also fitted with internal cooling and heat dispersal weapons to avoid guided and heat seeking missiles. Khufu Transport ships (KTS) - These ships are massive fortresses meant for Interstellar and planetary travel. Each ship can carry 50 air craft and are capable of speeds at Mach 5.6 on planet and much higher in space. Each ship is fitted with 2 hyperdrives and acts as an envoy between the Egyptian space station and the Eternal Empire. These fortresses are also fitted with their own AI capable of 24/7 defense and action protocols programmed into them. These ships are fitted with a super computer powered tracking system to act as missile deterrents. These ships are also heavily armoured, being plated with several layers of metal and shock absorbant material. Amun Ra Drone (ARD-1) - The ARD1 is made specifically for offensive purposes, fitted similarly to the ECF-3 but with the extra space being used for larger ammunition quantities and faster and more agile capabilities. These drones can reach speeds of Mach 9.2 and have multidirectional flight, allowing the ships to spin and turn in extreme ways that would normally kill the pilot. These are piloted remotely and directly by an AI placed on board the base they come from. ARD-2 - The ARD 2 is a transport drone made specifically for moving materials and equipment between places on the planet. The drones top speed is Mach 4.6. ARD-3 - The ARD 3 is a drone meant entirely for construction purposes, fitted with advanced tractor beams to move and lift and even arrange object up to the size of small homes. These ships are used for quick base construction and easy rebuild or building within the nation or outside of it. Omega Class Space cruiser (OCSC) - These space ships are the largest craft in the Empires arsenal, limited to space travel, and capable of incredible speed, reducing a trip to the moon and back to just two hours. These ships are fitted with heavy defenses and even heavier thruster and hyperdrive systems, each ship is capable of carrying two KTS and are docked in the Egyptian Space Station. Aircraft Total= 6,500 Naval Force: Carrier group Alpha - 7 destroyers, 5 sub's, 4 missile boats, 5 cruisers, 1 capital ship Carrier group Beta - 5 destroyers, 3 sub's, 4 missile boats, 4 cruisers, 1 capital ship Carrier group Charlie - 6 destroyers, 4 sub's, 3 missile boats, 4 cruisers , 1 capital ship Destroyer - King Sejong the Great class Attack Submarine - Seawolf Class Missile boats - Skjold-class missile boat Cruiser - Ticonderoga Class Cruiser Capital Ship - Ford Class Nuclear Submarine (4) - Ohio Class Total Ships= 61 Tactical Equipment: Nuclear Arsenal - 1,400 Espionage Operatives - 230 AI weapon systems - The AIWS is a system powered by high end super computers capable of managing much of the Egyptian military from multiple points. These AI are used for the tracking and processing of military developments around Egyptian holdings and bases having capitalized on missile defense both nuclear and non. These systems use land, air, sea, and space based radars and satellites to perform their duties and programs. AI internal systems - The AIIS is very similar to the AIWS except it is used for maintenance and overwatch of the interior of the Eternal Empire. Egyptian Space Station - The ESS is a large space station used as a internal trading center between the planet side empire and her bases within space. The base is a dock and refueling poing for all Egyptian space craft. The ESS carries multiple defense systems and offensive systems acting as a literal base in space. Sekhmet Rod bases (10) - The SRB are small bases set up in orbit carrying 20 rods, meant for powerful kinetic destruction similar to that of a nuke but lacking in the fallout. These bases act as defense and deterrent weapons as an alternative to nuclear weapons (Updated January 13, 2019) :CLASSIFIED:
  9. From the skies above the ruins of the once glorious Memphis, a large ship, simple in design but exotic with various streaks and shimmer of gold, hovers above the former capital building. From this ship many smaller ships begin to excrete and spread across the city using their advanced tools and systems to rearrange and rebuild the city. For what seems like days the ships scurry around moving and removing and restoring the city of Memphis and the area around it. After a few weeks the city would be added upon with new materials and advanced equipment and by the end of the following week the city would be finished and the capital of the returning empire established.  Upon the establishment of the capital city the ships would spread out to unclaimed Egypt and Africa and middle East doing similar work but setting up power lines and essentials throughout first before finally beginning to broadcast and send out military forces to maintain control over the people. In front of the monitors and to any nation willing enough to pick up the transmission and watch a seemingly young man would stand up front wearing lots of gold and gems similar to the style of the old kingdoms though somehow more advanced in many ways. "People of Egypt, for far too long has Egypt been spat upon and disregarded by foreigners and invaders, for far too long have we sat idly by while our home was destroyed, but now, as your Pharoah, and as your Emperor, I am ending this. From now on you serve under the me, Pharoah Khnum Khufu and for your loyalty you'll relish in freedom and peace from oppression. Those who dare challenge my authority, will meet a swift end. To the foreign nations watching, we open ourselves to your inquiries and will gladly discuss possible treaties, however we will no longer accept the foreign colonization of African lands. I thank everyone for their time and attention and wish you a good day" The message ends and soon after work would continue with laws being posted in populated areas and in town squares, roadways being put together and critical connection lines being put together between the cities. Flags would shortly after be draped over important places to fly high above the newly founded Eternal Empire of Egypt.
  10. Nation name: The Eternal Empire of Egypt Population (may use in-game numbers): 4,223,600 Population density (may use in-game numbers):148.20 people/sq. mi Official currency: The Egyptian Deben GDP (may use in-game numbers): $4,402,156,712.90 GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): Form of government: $1,042.28 Describe your nation: The Eternal Empire of Egypt is a highly advanced group of Fourth Dynasty Egyptians who have finally reclaimed their homeland after so many years. The Empire is led by Pharoah Khnum Khufu. The nation openly accepts capitalism but still has minor roles in the companies within. The nation is open to foreign visitors but is strongly against others colonizing Africa. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 75 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Separate colonies are unable to be conjoined. Gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. This includes land gained by a nation as a result of a war as well.) (You are required to post at least once a month in the national affairs subforum to remain active. This means creating your own topic, not just commenting on your own, or someone else's posts. Inactive nations will be removed from the map.)
  11. Claiming the last piece in New Zealand, Hainan, China (the little Island to the south, and the following 2 lands marked in Indonesia. China claims: NZ claim
  12. Mission Report: May 06, 2018 Time: 1100 hours Location: Northern Enemy territory in New Zealand Lead General: Mon El Mission Video: *Three IFO aircraft are seen in the video flying across the water towards a mountain* Alpha: "Alpha to Bravo and Charlie, be advised I have sights on the target" Charlie: "We have a visual as well" Bravo: "Likewise" General Mon El: "Team 1 you are clear to engage" Alpha: "Alright boys, just like we practiced." Bravo: "Weapon systems activated" Charlie: "Target locked on" Alpha: "On my one. Three. Two. One" *The three aircraft would begin strategically taking down anti air weaponry and shredding the base when a swarm of enemy cold war era aircraft begin pouring into the shot* Charlie: "I've got several enemy aircraft incoming" Alpha: "Alright men, evasive manuevers, let's show them who we are" *the following scene would show the three aircraft with ease picking of the enemy aircraft using the speed of the ships and precision of there bullets until there is one aircraft left that manages to get a critical hit on Charlie* Charlie: "I've been hit. I'm going down, 30 seconds to impact" Alpha: *shoots the last enemy aircraft* "Bravo you know the drill, drop and carry" *Bravo would begin plummeting at immense speed towards Charlie. A solid beam would begin to appear from the ship and around Charlie and just before it crashed into the mountain he would be stopped from hitting the ground* Bravo: "Lieutenant, I've got you" Charlie: "Thanks Major" General Mon El: "Team we have our ground forces moving in you are clear to return to base" *From the other two directions the last strong hold of the enemy forces would be surrounded and over taken* End of Mission Report =============================== Mission Report: May 05, 2018 Time: 1300 Hours Location: Hainan, China Lead General: John Stewart Mission Video: *A single AMAZO Droid alongside a heavy mility force would land on the Island and begin making quick work of the defenses before reaching the main city of the Island* Droid: "Mission Control, I count several enemy life forms. Permission to engage requested" General John Stewart: "Permission granted, take them quickly" *The Droid and his team would begin a fierce and quick take down of the enemy forces before achieving victory and a surrender of the islands forces to the Regime.* Mission Report End =============================== Mission Report: May 05, 2018 Time: 0100 Hours Location: Sumatra and Kuala Lumpur Lead General: Kimiyo Hoshi Mission Video: *The Video would be much shorter than other because the attack on these lands would show a carrier group in the distance unleashimg a large IFO presence alongside 4 AMAZO Droids and the AI Cyan herself who completely shut down power to the region until the enemy surrendered* End Mission Report
  13. I hadn't planned on posting here due to several issues already pointed out by both Natalia and spectre and my realization that those who want their bubbles will always get their way, but this statement really stuck out because it's probably the dumbest excuse for a response I have ever seen. 1. There is never one valid answer when it comes to ethics because ethics is based on what an individual person grew up with. I've noticed you claim to be some form of god when it comes to rp so I'll keep my point here short, you aren't. You obviously aren't as experienced as you claim to be or you have a habit of getting into really piss poor made rps. 2. I can't describe how hilarious it is that you think your position is INFALLIBLE. Sweetie you aren't some sort of holy book on all things rp and ethics and you sure aren't Infallible. Maybe I'm being a jerk but honestly I could care less . 3. When it comes to making rules FOR A COMMUNITY, then yes compromise matters. It's not just you, or just me, or just one group for that matter. It's clear there are two groups who have divided the rp and the only way it'll end without it coming back up in a few months is by coming up with a compromise. Maybe it's not something you're accustomed to but the reality is regardless of where I stand on the consent rule one side is willing to compromise and the other isn't....so get off your high horse calling everyone a child or immature and come up with a logical statement. Kthnx
  14. 0300, April 5, 2018 Operation Blitz Commanding General: Mon-El Military used: 1 AMAZO Droid 1 Carrier group 100 IFO 10k Soldiers 10 Tanks 3 DEO operatives Target: North Island of New Zealand Status Report: Success The forces were nearly unmatched in the expansion and managed to completely swarm any defenders, however there is a small group held up in the final piece of the island. Request to attack? Denied: Set up base in the rest of the island first then await further orders Operation Status: Pending
  15. Moments before the wedding the bulk of the nation watches live as the Emperor is set to walk down the aisle with the love of his life. At the same time the nation has never been on higher alert. After a while the music begins to play and the Government of the Regime, who were the only ones allowed in actual seats, rise and watch as down the aisle come close friends from the groom and groom. And the eventually the soon to be walk down. Barry is holding Hal's hand with a smile he hadn't had in a long time. They reach the front and begin the ceremony. The musicians move off in a very formal march as all eyes focused on the couple in the shirt time they both say their vows. After the vows are finished the rings are brought out and a passionate kiss is shared between the two and a massive roar of applause is shared and fireworks go off while 3 IFO fly across the sky in an amazing show of congratulations. And soon after a beam of light from each color if the lantern corps is shot into the sky. After this a small ceremony is held crowing Hal Jordan-Allen as equal Emperor of The Regime. [SECRET] Finally, after the wedding and ceremony are finished, Barry and Hal go on their honeymoon to a secluded but very secure Island as third in charge, Roy Harper, fills in.
  16. The Regime is very pleased to announce this treaty and is very excited for the bright future ahead. "Let the world know today that, as is the same for all of our allies, we stand by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and we aren't afraid to take arms up for them"
  17. Official nation name: The Regime Population: idk bruv GDP: 300,684,483,473 Population density (sq. km): 293 psm Form of Government: Dictatorship Describe your Nation IC: A group of metahuman/aliens leading the human sheep Describe yourself in OOC terms: I hate everyone Please link your lore or other information that is canon: l8er Have you read, and do you agree to abide with, the rules? (Yes/No): yes (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): You are allowed 75 starting provinces: so I made my claims added to my current land in the other rp. In it I counted 56 claims including Australia, south NZ, and then all the Pacific islands. Given closeness I'm going to presume an Island based nation as myself can claim them as mainland. Anyways here's my claims. Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used): (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Provinces are unable to be moved from one location to another. Gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. Land gained by a nation as a result of war can be more than this.) ignore the fact that I just copy and pasted cause you have to be extra
  18. Well if I can....not be removed I'll have a post up tonight
  19. *The Regime mobilizes 2 carrier groups into the Pacific along the border near Oregon while it's aircraft begins bombing runs very near the Americans land saying in a simple Statement* "Accept the terms of peace or we will be forced to act"
  20. "The Regime is very excited for the future of Rome and wish them a long and fruitful union. We offer our best of help in order to support our new ally in anyways necessary."
  21. she found a place to sit and crossed one leg ever so slightly over the other as she listened to what was said. She nodded with a smile and responded* "Yes business is boring and I do love to get it out of the way. The Regime as I stand in for our emperor will gladly open Visa-less travel and an FTA with you, though in regards to defense...I'm curious what you had in mind. Our Emperor has given me full liberty to accept any sort of agreement so long as it becomes fair. That said I'd like to propose on behalf of the Regime fully defending you we'd ask curtesy for our allies. We would hate to have to distinguish between a war between you and one of our close allies." She took a sip of water as she finished and waited for the response.
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