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  1. Adding something to this effect to the next wave of Projects. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Could be a little too powerful updeclares. If you hit a whale who insta fortifies and has 25% less losses, they could stack MAPs and really hurt on the counter near rebuys. Perhaps something smaller %-wise and maybe add a reduction to infra lost?
  3. There's talk of adding some spy attacks that are defensive ops, will revisit this idea when that idea comes onto the table.
  4. Perks are the first thing on the menu for new content once the beige rework and such clear our end of work.
  5. You'll go into beige when defeated. Beige time does not start reducing until all defensive wars have ended. If you have 3 defensive wars active, once one ends you'll be in beige with 2.5 days, when the second ends you'll be at 5.0. Only when the third ends will it start reducing from 5.0. As to the second point, I've explained being at 100% would mean having all troops and a full rebuy available. This system does not provide a full rebuy with or without the project. Nor does it account for spying units away during the beige rebuild, thus it did not deviate from the poll.
  6. Would you like me to find the several threads regarding these changes I've made over the years? As I've said in the design channel the shift from your attacker letting you build versus the game giving you a window to build is the theme of these shifts. I've also seen the messages directing people to go downvote and upvote the thread. Nice try though.
  7. I can assure you the changes rolling around for a long time. It's not politically motivated.
  8. I update the roster when changes happen, it's not hidden. There are a few reworks on the agenda. The next update will be focusing on new content.
  9. Yes, this is the reason for the beige changes. One of the biggest let downs when you're winning a war is when the enemy sells off everything and your left there punching a dead bag. You should want enemies to rebuild so you can keep fighting, it's more fun to fight someone who can fight back. This way a war, and a spy war, isn't over and done in the opening moments. Something that can go on for weeks and months isn't done in the moment. Will the other side rebuild? Not necessarily. Can they with these changes? Yes. That being the important thing. So yes, these are good things. Thanks for highlighting them. With spy sat you can kill off more than enough spies in the opening day to spend the next day change on units if need be.
  10. If you saying an alliance has a chance to fight back several days after being blitzed, again, I think that's a good thing.
  11. If you're saying this allows coordination and heightened knowledge and execution to gain an edge, I'd say that's a good thing in this case. The focus on these changes is to allow a defeated party to have the ability to get back up again. You have to look at things outside of your own interests, or your own alliances interests in some cases to achieve these goals. To your first point destroying an entire rebuy of tanks or planes is very powerful in an individual war. If you can do it on an alliance-wide level is absolutely could turn the tide of a war in the opening round.
  12. That's why I said the damage the individual player can do doesn't change. They could have done 2 ops for 300% damage, but now it'd take 3 which they can do. The damage done to the player is reduced, yes.
  13. Insisting? Are you getting logs of the design channel? Regardless that's a bold, and incorrect claim. I posted the idea of removing it, someone suggested removing it and adding the op. We then went on a long talk about other areas of the change and then I said this: Prefontaine — 07/20/2022 One last thing before I go. Changing the 1.5x spy rate for spy sat to 1 additional op is something liked, yes? Someone confirmed and then I said. Prefontaine — 07/20/2022 That got lost in the shuffle but I didn't want to omit it. Works for me.
  14. Hm, looks like discord coding for copy and paste. Wonder why this conversation would've happened on discord first. Hmmmm - The window for meaningful ops is 10 days minimum, that's 30 nuke spy attempts. If that's not an effective window for you before having to having to spend 2 days spying away spies before getting another 10 days, then I whole heartedly disagree with your sentiment. - Kill rate reductions, outside of spy sat, are simply based off of not having as many spies. 6 spies still gives you 50% and 20 gives 75%, if you have full spies, the rates are the same. - The 3 ops versus damage is something that was pitched to me as "largely accepted by the spy community" in the game. That includes leaders on your alliance that championed that change. I don't know if you're out of touch with them, or they didn't talk to you about it, but I was operating on the info given to me. It's effectively a wash that individual player as now instead of doing 2 ops at 150% (300%) they can now do 3 ops at 100% (300%). Yes the target takes less damage but the kills are effectively the same overall. I don't know if you read the summary of the reasons why this change is happening, but I will reitterate. It's to switch the choice of if the player defeated can get up from the attacker choosing the stop spy attacks, to the defender having the choice to rebuild spies. To do so they need to be able to rebuild in a manner where their spies can be rebuilt without dying. This depends on what is or isn't possible with the coding of the game. Ideally I would like it this way: You have 20 spies and want to move to active one day, and the other 10 the next, for whatever reason. On the spy page it will show three sections, reserve, active, deploying. The deploying will have a countdown of turns before that number of spies becomes active. That's how I'd like it to work. Again, depends on coding.
  15. The total cannot exceed your maximum number of spies. I'll add that tidbit to the OP. So if you have 10 active, and no spy projects you can only have 40 in reserve.
  16. SPY TRAINING CHANGES -Spies are either in Active Duty or Reserve status. -Freshly trained spies are in Reserve Status by default but you can train up to 4 into active if you choose -Reserve spies cannot be used for defense or offensive and cost 1/4 of the upkeep -Spies in reserve cannot be killed. -Spies cannot move from Active to Reserve, but only Reserve to Active. -Spy training rates are tripled. (8 can go into reserve and 4 into active or 12 can go into reserve with all spy projects. 6 can be made per day with no spy projects and you can have up to 4 of them be active duty) -Spies take 5 days (60 turns) to move from reserve to active. -Total spy count (active + reserve) cannot exceed the maximum number of spies a player can have. SPY FUNCTION CHANGES -Scaling kills for based on number of spies used ( % kills = -2200/(spies+23)+126 ) If you look at the blue line, those are the kill rates. 20 spies deployed is about 75% of the normal kill rate. 6 spies is about 50% the normal kill rate. SPY SAT CHANGES -No longer provides a 50% bonus to kills -Provides an additional spy operation per day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Similar to beige, it's up to the attacker to give you a reprieve. While being beige cycled you cannot fully rebuild unless your attacker lets you. With spies you cannot rebuild your spies unless your attackers stop killing your spies. This way now provides a way to rebuild your spies in a manner which they cannot be killed while still utilizing some of them for guerilla tactic ops. The damage on those ops have been reduced some, but with a double buy all players can still see above 50% damage with a double buy. The reason for the delay in moving from reserve status to active is to lengthen the window of easy spy ops for the attacker. If a player with all projects wants to get back to max spies with 12 a day into reserve, that's 5 days, with an additional 5 days that provides attackers with a 10 day window to take advantage of their spy blitz. It also stops alliances from keeping all of their spies in reserve to suddenly move out when an alliance war starts as they entire length of the first round with leave them without any spies.
  17. That’s still less than 100%, not everyone has it, and doesn’t impact spy kills?
  18. Short reply: coming back with 5 days rebuild and no rebuy is not a 100%. Additionally, your units can be spied during this window. A 100% military strength means being at full units and being able to buy units for the day.
  19. It was pitched as all units, I can't promise that it wasn't coded as just yours.
  20. I get what you're saying, I do. As I see it, there should be different tiers of projects, effectively. This project is not a top tier project and that is okay. It's probably in the top 5 for weakest projects, and that's okay. Is this project going to be primarily bought by whales with spare project slots? Possibly, but the more of these lesser projects that exist, the higher the bar gets on how many slots you need to get all the projects. Are we going to clog up the C50+s? Probably not soon. But if this raises the bar from C38ss having all the projects to C40s, great. Eventually there will be enough lower tier and middle tier projects that the whales will start needing to be pickier for longer. Lastly, it's almost always easier to make something stronger than it is to make it weaker. People prefer to see buffs over nerfs, typically. In 6 months time, we may visit the idea of making improvements to this project.
  21. I had this discussion in the design channel. The most advantageous/safe strat is a dogpile. You're not going to stop players from using the 'best' strat. These changes in beige provide the option for the defeat party to get a reprieve and fight back. Let say there are major spheres 3 spheres, A, B and C. If all sphere's add up to 100% of a player base, Sphere A is about 45% of that, Sphere B is 30% and C is 25%. Sphere A attacks Sphere B, in the past if Sphere C wanted to intervein and fight with B they would likely need to jump in almost right away for any meaningful chance before sphere B is wiped out of military and likely unable to rebuild. Now with the ability to rebuild provided with the changes to beige, politics can happen between B and C and they can coordinate a counter offensive where some part of B can team up with a fresh C to come in. This is just one scenario that these changes provide the option to rebuild. Does it mean I'm expecting every alliance to rebuild back and forth forever? Nope. As long as players have the option to do so. To get beige before, that's up to the attackers to provide, now it's guaranteed.
  22. -This system actually allows for different options. -Under the current system people cannot rebuild unless the attackers let them. -If they want to turret they can still come out early. -Again, they can actually get a break from the 'crappy and buggy' war system with this rather than hoping their enemies let them. It would seem you're actually in favor of these changes, it actually provides the options you listed. A lot of the talk on incentivizing winning goes out the door in globals. The point of a global war is to defeat you enemy, the costs associated with it are much less important than the goal. Providing some extra cash/resources to people to encourage not beige cycling wouldn't actually achieve that goal unless you make those numbers painfully high to the point it cripples their enemy more than beige cycling would. Regarding a bit more on topic with your post.. -Penalizing the defeated party more has been something the game community is largely against. -When a side is winning a global in the current system, small bonuses to your strength on short time while winning is moot, because if you're winning your wars it's likely the next round will be even easier and a 2% bump isn't worth beiging your enemy. I like where your head is at, but it's not really possible to create an incentive to defeat a player that is more valuable than beige cycling without effectively breaking the war system's destruction/loot ability to very high levels.
  23. Not all things are ROI dependent, largely projects that impact war. As the OP states, there are some scenarios which this project is beneficial while fighting which is the point of the project. ROI is something not heavily considered when looking at cost designs for projects that impact areas of war. I would recognize valid criticism if ROI was valid criticism in this case -- it is not.
  24. If you'd like I can just release only projects that have huge benefits that strain smaller players project slots? A few less powerful projects that maybe some whales buy that don't have a huge pay-off don't sound like a problem. Worst case there are a few projects not a lot of players buy.
  25. Again, this isn’t to make wars fair. Players will dogpile if they want to as it’s the lowest risk strat. What this change does is prevent idle wars for beige cycles and perma blockades. Make it so if the side that loses the first round wants a proper rebuild window they get it.
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