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  1. You're right. Brain function would be crippled in the current circumstances.
  2. Good news, the VE brand can finally stop it's downward spiral. Goodluck with the new alliance and hopefully new direction
  3. Well fought lads. Enjoy the peace fed.
  4. IQ warchest is fine which is exactly why their members decom their military the moment they sniff a counter. I guess it's a cunning strategy considering you have no infra to protect either
  5. You lads clearly don't understand how loans work. First you must prove an income which is viable to reasonably pay back any money loaned within a given time frame. With sub 600 infra per city and a permanent state of war i think you'll find it difficult to get any banking institution to loan you any reasonable quantity of money. A wiser economic choice here and one i would suggest is a smarter investment of your savings to begin with.
  6. With an average below 600 infra per city for the entire alliance of BK it's clear they are making the phattest of stacks during this infinite "stalemate" situation.
  7. I can't think of a better strategy for the losing side to pull off than to give the winning team enough motive to want to push this war much longer. Well played Kastor?
  8. I'd rather chip away at those improvement slots tbh fam. The economic divide only grows further from here.
  9. Rozz

    VE DoW

    You're that brainwashed? Sad.
  10. Rozz

    VE DoW

    There's nothing salty about winning. On the contrary, it's quite a savoury taste
  11. Rozz

    VE DoW

    Just VE things
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