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  1. Granted it burns instead I wish I don't have to work a double tomorrow
  2. Granted but they get even more outdated then they are now I wish for a Raise of land at my farm
  3. Granted its a Chinese copy and breaks every time you load it I wish for some nice shoes
  4. granted but the USA goes in to an other Great Depression a few months later losing your job and house I wish to have an other brother
  5. We have a fat wallet and bank we was ranked one to Master blaster left us.
  6. http://www.sott.net/article/269292-Los-Angeles-to-join-New-York-and-50-other-US-cities-with-ban-on-feeding-homeless-people Some idiots these days all will burn in hell for there crimes sad to see people banning helping homeless people
  7. VoC we have great guides and great aid programs and the most respectable staff that is in the game and one hell of a Grand Marshal who sees everything that is need to be to make your nation a economic power house
  8. granted it crashes as soon as you put up a power plant I wish for Anson to give up developing games
  9. Granted but its a bomb and kills all of the people in the airport making you the number 1 suspect on the FBI list I wish for an other sibling
  10. Granted but brings out mutated zombies like in the movie I Am Legend I wish I can Not get sick on airplanes
  11. Granted but it Blows up as you go in I wish i was amish
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