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  1. Is this fixed ? No away game available when I tried in the last 2 days
  2. Arfcom Cripples Rating: 2.52 Misantry Waste Collectors Rating: 3.09 Hits Runs Runs Hits 8 1 0 9 Attendance Winner's Earnings Average Ticket Price Home Team Revenue 1,898 people $177.64 $0.23 $545.68 I did not receive my $177.64. Like I said not a great sum of money. My team lifetime is under $5 million in earnings.
  3. I rarely win $15,000 a day a long way from $2 million. You may want to look at this . I have played 2 away game and a few home games today. I just played and away game and the problem still exist. I am not losing great sums of money. This game was $197.58.
  4. Both last night and this morning I played some away games and received no money for winning. Played home games with no problem. TIA https://politicsandwar.com/obl/play/
  5. The bottom attack was my last attack just after day change
  6. This is my last 2 ground attacks in the war. As you can see I have Ground control. I did not destroy any planes and he has 2076 planes as we sit right now. Any ideas ? 02/04/2022 08:01 pm Nice guy Whiskerz of Arfcom ordered a ground attack upon the nation of Nazara led by Nizam Adrienne and eliminated 10 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. Nice guy Whiskerz's forces lost 13,233 soldiers and 640 tanks, while Nizam Adrienne's defenders lost 32,408 soldiers and 0 tanks. The attack destroyed 224.43 infrastructure in the city of Crescencia and 0 improvements. Because Arfcom had Ground Control, they were able to raid Nazara's airfields. Arfcom's tanks destroyed 163 aircraft in the attack. Nice guy Whiskerz stole $1,778,335.41 in the attack. 02/05/2022 12:01 am Nice guy Whiskerz of Arfcom ordered a ground attack upon the nation of Nazara led by Nizam Adrienne and eliminated 10 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. Nice guy Whiskerz's forces lost 13,445 soldiers and 650 tanks, while Nizam Adrienne's defenders lost 28,711 soldiers and 0 tanks. The attack destroyed 220.54 infrastructure in the city of Esperanza and 0 improvements. Nice guy Whiskerz stole $1,724,713.23 in the attack.
  7. So purse fight or hurt feelings ?
  8. When switching between resources on the trade screen I am normally searching what is being sold. The center box switches to "bought and sold" instead of just sold. It happened today and I just hit the lowest price to buy and sold off my stuff instead. I figured out when this happens. I went to food , placed a trade offer selling and then the box switched to bought and sold.
  9. I am not looking for a change to my wars since it was a while ago but I had this same issue. My opponent ran 2 ground attacks while I was lagging and eventually it forced me to log in again
  10. I understand that but if we are already at war I see it as being less of a factor, Maybe make it an option, I would love to add it to my stats.
  11. Let's say you are at war with nation XYZ. Then you spy on said nation XYZ and destroy 3,000 tanks or 2100 infra as the case may be. Add that to the war totals while the war is active. It is after all part of the war.
  12. What happens if you nuke the same city twice? As in back to back ?
  13. Thanks for the useful information I care because I am making an effort to reduce that .16 disease 3 weeks ago that was .30 so I have cut it in half. I noticed when I looked at revenue it has dropped. I know it is not much in a week but it adds up over time
  14. Join us or a 2nd tier alliance of inferior beans
  15. My income has dropped a little bit every day since I first built where I am. The only changes I have made are additional land. I dropped about $3,000 a day in the last couple of days. added land got some of it back. Any ideas ?
  16. I like the idea of destroying more improvements with nukes. making a missile destroy one improvement and a nuke 2 skews improvement killing towards missiles.
  17. The spy satellite being overpowered is not necessarily a bad thing. If it is. I have not studied it hard. It takes 2 project slots to own it. The 2 UP projects are stupid expensive for smaller nations to consider. I like the swapping idea in theory. It would allow you to have a peace and growth vs a wartime set up. The downside is it would make everyone the same and eliminate consequences from your build choices. The reality is no swapping is better.
  18. How about just shorten the beige time to 12 turns no stacking
  19. Guy has an Attrition bounty of $6.5 million. I defeated him in an Attrition war. How did I not collect the cash ? https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=584734
  20. Thanks . I posted there . I only know 1 of the 2 . Alex will have to figure out the other. If I was a betting man I would say this is an entire alliance of second nations for players
  21. I had a guy admit to me in game that he has 2 nations on 2 devices. I was under the impression it was 1 nation per player. Do I need to create more to be even ? Let alone create an advantage ?
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