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  1. That is kind of what i said in my first post. ("The leaders of Terminus Est are just mad that we refused to fly the stupid flag that they wanted us to.") I love your analogy with the whales btw, but whales can't sign peace treaties. edit: jk about "whales can't sign peace treaties". I don't know exactly where I was going with that one. My point was just that I think that your whale analogy was quite odd. lol
  2. It's not ironic. I just accidentally typed Armentia instead on Amentia, that has nothing to do with reading comprehension. Also, I looked up Amentia, and I guess TEst is trying to call us mentally retarded. That's not at all clever.
  3. Oh, ok, i'm sorry. I was just a bit upset. But, still, this "occupation" of my alliance by TEst is terrible and completely unwarranted.
  4. Uhhh! I know that the no missiles, spies, and ships rule only applies to nations with a score over 2000. I already said that in my previous post; I was trying to make a point. Apparently, it is not I who struggles with reading comp. Honestly, I am not great at fighting battles, but I will not submit, and I will not tolerate injustice. Also, the flag they want as to fly is not their flag, it is this an ugly flag that says "Armentia" on it for some reason. http://i.imgur.com/uFsfLH7.png
  5. Really! What do you hope to gain from this "occupation"? The leaders of Terminus Est are just mad that we refused to fly the stupid flag that they wanted us to. What fools! I don't care about your stupid occupation, and will build as many missiles as I want to. (I know the missile rule doesn't apply to me because I don't have 2000 points, but whatever) TEst, or whoever, has no right to occupy The Fighting Pacifists, as we have done no harm to any alliance without provocation.TEst's occupation of our alliance is plain tyranny and oppression, and TFP will not stand for it. We will fight it until we die!
  6. The countries of any arrgh member. And Rozalia's country
  7. I'll be Connecticut. I wish I could be Maine.
  8. Why the Dutch Nationalist? They hate anyone who is not Dutch or Flemish. lol
  9. I tried to make them realistic, not original. lol.
  10. The guy in the picture? Well, he is constantly flaunting his wealth, he tells people that they can be as wealthy as him if they only worked a little harder, and he keeps his books in his garage instead of his house.
  11. Upcoming Elections in The Republic of Flanders It is the start of the campaign season in Flanders. According to a recent poll conducted by Ghent University, the Flemish people have become much more leftist since the 1997 elections. Support for The Liberal Socialist Party has also increased; therefore, it is almost certain that they will win the plurality of the votes this election. The people of Flanders are really looking forward to this election. There are seven major political parties. Below are all of the official positions of the seven major parties on a few issues. Dutch Nationalist Party Conservative Party Classical Liberal Party Moderate Party Liberal Socialist Party Marxist-Leninist Party Green Party Article by: James Wilson, Damiaan Albers, and Margreet Koeman Published January 27th, 1999 Orbis Time Flanders Broadcasting Corporation - 41 Leopoldstraat Antwerp, Flanders
  12. Edsel

    Election Season

    Go liberal party!
  13. This is a terrible idea. War is already causes a lot of damage.
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