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  1. Dorsaiwolf


    Welcome USMC. I wish you success.
  2. Dorsaiwolf

    Make Detroit Great Again!

    I look forward to a scenic journey.
  3. Dorsaiwolf

    Raided Nation Disappears

    Thanks. For the Info. He had to have the almost 200 million plus all those resources before he went into vacation mode. It is just hard for me to understand why someone would go into vacation mode with all that cash and resources on hand.
  4. Dorsaiwolf

    Raided Nation Disappears

    What were you doing (or trying to do): I was raiding Leader Name: Velpher Dominion when his nation disappeared. What happened (describe thoroughly please): I Declared war On Leader Name: Velpher Dominion at 803 AM 16 Feb Game time. I had conducted one ground attack on him. After Update at 1205 AM I noticed I was no longer at war with Velpher Dominion and my war page stated I had no wars in the last 30 days. Here is a copy of my one spy attack against him. You successfully gathered intelligence about Velpher Dominion. Your spies discovered that Velpher Dominion has 60 spies, $194,356,403.00, 19,612.04 coal, 15.77 oil, 2,908.80 uranium, 2,949.50 lead, 8,025.41 iron, 26.10 bauxite, 236.47 gasoline, 67,566.02 munitions, 81,391.49 steel, 3,237.65 aluminum, and 30,230.39 food. Some information about this nation. 1.) He was last active 12/18/16. 2.) He was removed from the Rose Alliance 01/4/17 3.) My raid and 2 other raiders from The Knights Radiance were the only wars he had since early Dec 2016. 4.) Nation had None for alliance Odd Information about this nation. 1.) I check None nations in my range most days. His nation had not appeared until I declared war on him. Odd since he has not been in an alliance since 01/04/17. 2.) It is obvious from the above spy report that he was not in vacation mode. 3.) Where has this nation been all this time? 4.) Where did it disappear to and why did any record of it disappear from my wars page. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/ https://politicsandwar.com/nation/notifications/ Any other relevant information: Screenshot: (if available)
  5. Dorsaiwolf

    War Ending

    Time to rebuild. Good war all.
  6. Dorsaiwolf

    Well that went well!

    Whichever side in a debate resorts to name calling first only means that side cannot defend their argument and has to resort to name calling to try and shut their opponent down. Obviously you do not comprehend the subject of diplomacy between alliances and nation states in the real world which I was referencing. So continue with your name calling. Ignorance can be fixed by learning and gaining knowledge. However as a great man once said you cannot fixed stupid.
  7. Dorsaiwolf

    Well that went well!

    The Japanese said the same thing after Pearl Harbor.... I have no idea why the United States got upset. Our sinking of your battleships says it all.
  8. Dorsaiwolf

    Well that went well!

    Lets see..... It has been 11 months and a few wars since my last vacation. Come to think of it, I could use a good vacation on a white sanded beach. Rum and coke. Hot babe on my lap. But alas, NAC has allies to defend. Stop tempting me with your promises of bikini clad beauties and rum.
  9. Dorsaiwolf

    Historical Documents Unearthed

    Welcome to the latest world war. For NAC, For DEIC
  10. Dorsaiwolf

    Well that went well!

    Nothing like posting your DOW 25 minutes after your nations attack NAC. But Meh crap happens.. May we all have a good war. Welcome to the latest world war. For Glory, For Honor, For Casualties, For NAC.
  11. Dorsaiwolf

    Unable to access new city

    What were you doing or trying to do? I purchased my 12th city named it Iwo Jima. I clicked on the new city and only see a small X in the top left corner, the rest of the page is blank. I cannot access my new city to buy infra/improvements. I still have access to my 11 other cities. Nation link. https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=67640 I appreciate your time/attention to this. Situation now resolved.
  12. Dorsaiwolf

    NAC Recognition

    War was declared on this forum by NAC on TKP. Not a raid. Here let me throw that back.
  13. Dorsaiwolf

    Peace Declaration

    Well met SK. You fought well and with honor.
  14. Dorsaiwolf

    upn gov 2 slow

    o/UPN o/NAC
  15. Dorsaiwolf

    UPN Joins the Brawl

    o/UPN o/The Wolf

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