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  1. yea me to. I wanted to see fire works. looks like alliances fear colbat.
  2. I was just using an expression. lets make a bet. will David King bit the hand that feeds him???
  3. I want popcorn and fireworks why? can't you call them ugly and have them declare on you?
  4. then just stay with them UPN and other alliances are their friends. The Rose sphere of influence will not miss with them, they are scared. if they were not scared, then a war would have happened...
  5. come on it was a pic i found. you don't have to be mean.
  6. Sorry i could not post earlier. I was preparing the popcorn for the fireworks. And yea when an alliance gives you money its not free, since its an alliance investment to improve the alliance. should i make caramel popcorn or regular. when will the fireworks start?
  7. Don't forget to bring the toys and all the kids. Its time to party.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNjXv4rajHE No matter what happens don't forget you are free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0dnWnXPye4 IF someone misses with you then... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFoDelEJJTM EDIT: toys and games are key words for airplanes and lots of soldiers.
  8. new players should know that, borrowing money and running off is going to bring problems.
  9. I sugest you to offer arggh that 5% to them. They are not afraid of who they go to war with.
  10. And the crusades are back. I think?
  11. I see another orbit war on the rise. Anyway i want in the fun.
  12. I hope you survive, there are lots of dangerous thinks out here.
  13. Told you guys a house divided can not stand. Is there going to be a civil war? who is the union and who is the south?
  14. Maybe adults should not play. you really make things complicated, confusing and unfair because you waste money on a game.
  15. I also do, but I will really prove this, if they give us some money. plz.
  16. I dot think they are lucky. they are cowards that run to the winning side, just like Italy during WWII. However Italy has more respect because they changed government, meanwhile Phiney is still in power.
  17. Yea but how will you know that they are allies? And how will you know they transferred their resources to them?
  18. Yea but they will still be targets.
  19. If you love VE in the first place, then why agree to help SK?
  20. So, when are you going to have an alliance website?
  21. So if rose was also plotting against VE and was willing to attack, then Rose is technically an enemy of VE. Just because they found out they were being back stabed does't ensure that they are plotting again. against VE.
  22. What if SK and Guardians are smart and sell all their infra and stuff. Then send it to the bank, which sends it to their closes allies. then they delete their nations. create alliances in groups of 5-10 rebuild, one the other alliance resends them their resources. once they are strong enough remerge into a bigger alliance. my point is if there is a harsh penalty they will find a way around it.
  23. I always thought this was a game for kids like me. now it looks like adults with no life take this very serious. This is proof that the world is going from okay to worse. seriously games are for kids to have fun, not for adults to waste money and time on. don't you have a family to take care off.
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