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  1. Whatever.. here ur talking bout honesty and stuff but yet it is okay to disguise oneself and just invade the privacy of anyone.
  2. Well funny thing is you urself I think or someone else had said they didnt know whom he was .... but my question was not if he did or didnt but if they had the right too ... and it dont matter whom it is but regardless entering into a private domain and then copying stuff with a false identity then making it public is ?
  3. Aside from the bot then .. does any member of ur mod team have the right to go into private owned channels or forums were they are members only access ? Only a question and not a accusation ?
  4. Hmmm. "Didnt know who he was" ... public is a open channel... private is a channel that u need to be invite amd allowed in. Seems to me u know of alot of deception that occured
  5. Does if someone was in the private channel amd passed it on without permission
  6. I only mentioned alex does not own discord never said he went in it or whatever and I just asked a question ...
  7. One question... does alex or pnw own discord. As far as I know whomever owns the channel is that and discord is a separate entity which is chosen by people to do their communications. Unless stated public I beleive private channels are just that. If one enters that private channel and copies anything they are actually invading privacy is my thought if not given permission by the channel owner would I beleive be the rule of thumb.
  8. No one is blaming alex such as it is just the desicion amd timing. For the desicion part as he had at one time said mechanical and not mod issue then giving out bans seems excessive specialky cause someone does not want to say sorry on demand. However this is determined if cheating or bending of the rules if in actually cause of the vagueness of the rules in question it seems a ban is excessive. I have seen worse talk in the game channel to be honest by them that condem.
  9. Ah so u just threatened NPO with permanent war or roll lmao. Oh admin oh admin ....lmao .. naw couldn't be bothered. I am glad u can dictate what we can or cant do or should or should not. Just remember now these words u say may come back to haunt u. I dont know which u think u are that u can dictate to anyone what we are going to do or not as it is my understand only alex as the owner can say what u r saying. Geeesh for backroom trash talk like this we have members that r banned and yet u r still here .. go figure
  10. So ur saying that a couple of TEMP bans on some members mean we will be or should disband . In all honesty we have been mostly disliked since day one we changed from the old Vamguard to NPO. And as well I get the impression that u are not going to rest til we either do disband or delete. Hmmmm I think u are just proving maybe that the leadership is right on our side that months ago u all tried to set us up to beat us down to leave the game. Oh see I just twisted ur words .. or didnt I. Like i mentioned NPO will be just fine without without ROQ and co
  11. Agian who r u to tell NPO anything of what's best for them .. in other words dont worry bout NPO we will just be fine.
  12. Just out of curiosity... if these privatr logs before the investigation were there ... how do u know them and how did u read them to know what was apperently said.
  13. First and foremost the question was who do u think u r to be the one whom decides that we will disband .
  14. Seriously.. wonders how u know so much what Alex is doing and whom u are to demand anything.
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