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  1. What is real . What is life . Why are we here.
  2. how do I delete my forum account ?
  3. umm... how do I delete my forum account ?
  4. lol , true. #Sanders2016 why Trump is good on some things , he's also bad on other things . Ban all Muslims ? We should just make a Socialist Dictatorship and make Bernie the President.
  5. Would Donald John Trump make a good president ? ( personally , I support #Sanders2016 )
  6. I am proud of myself ... I have accomplished something in life.
  7. ya know , I could be doing stuff like staring at my nation waiting for a MESSAGE or a notification. But Im loling on the forums .
  8. Join The Olive Branch ! The Olive Branch will help you build your first 4 cities ! They will even make you a custom flag for your nation !
  9. 10 outta 10 response. point made.
  10. lol my dog walks into my room ALL the time . it gets annoying.
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