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  1. Such garbage. You said nations need to start using the "politics side of politics and war" so we start doing that, and you nerf the benefit of politics. So pathetic.
  2. Kappa 4Head Lmao 2ez 2ez4rtz
  3. We get big ol' notifications about how great orbis baseball is, or that you want us to watch a video about donations or there's new objectives. That's great and all. Actually, those are awful. I glare at them furiously. But, I'd glare at them a lil bit less if we could get the following notification: If we're out of a resource that we need for what ever we're doing (bauxite for aluminum, food for people, uranium for power plants, etc.) can we get a big notification on the main screen? Currently, we get one on the revenue page, which if you think about it, doesn't make sense. I'm sure I'm like most people where I only check that after I build infra or a iron mill or something, so really, having an alert there is pointless. Now, I don't imagine most people run out of resources often, and if so not for long (i for instance only missed a turn i think, maybe two) however, I'm sure some people run into times where they're so busy, they only open the game real quick to check for messages, alerts, and get their daily 50k. So, it'd be easy to miss checking resources if you're one who usually stockpiles. So, a big ass notifcation saying "HEY !@#$ FACE, YOU'RE OUT OF BAUXITE FOR YOUR ALUMINUM THINGS KID MAYBE GO BUY THEM KTHXBAI" would be great. I can't imagine it'd be hard to implement. Thanks fam, much love swagswagswag.
  4. cmon fam that shit was easy to read just gotta think. go read some of my posts on our forums and youll see how common talk that was compared to the other stuff ive written yo.
  5. New Kanye album fam yalls best get on it shits fire
  6. Good job everyone RIP to kurdanak's missiles still though o/
  7. I agree with the well groomed hippo.
  8. They should see the IQ thread. It would put everything into perspective.
  9. Your missiles are 0/3 against me and my Iron Diome, RIP
  10. Best wishes man. Hope you can pull through this o7
  11. Best wishes to his recovery. Hope all goes well o7
  12. fwiw, pfeiffer's brusque with you guys, but he's a raging &#33;@#&#036;got with us. Which is why we love him <3
  13. Lol I was reloading to check something, happened to see I got attacked was like "shit" rebuilt real quick, still hadn't been attacked and I was like "THIS IS MY TIME. GOOOOOO" And i got in just before you got me ^__^
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