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  1. We must first determine if we exist to determine if God exists.
  2. Granted, I pull my previous statement of the Coalition being unprepared for leaks. However, the overly emotional comments from the few were not needed. After all, it is only pixels.
  3. That may be true. But from many of the comments in Notes of the Leak, it is appearant that some leaders felt "one-upped" simply shown by their emotional spasms against SAI. If they considered spying a possibility, they should have expected it. By expecting spying, they should have not been hastily emotional against SAI, since the leaders should have expected the outcome. Their emotional comments show their shock value of being spied on. It seems as if the Coalition held themselves higher than the possibility of being spied, almost believing themselves to be immortal from spies, which later warrented the comments.
  4. It added a variable that the Coalition didn't take into consideration.
  5. I think it is this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HQaBWziYvY
  6. GPA was dead since Lambda's departure.
  7. I enjoy your petty comments at the end of your posts, since the majority of your posts are juxtaposed in an artistic manner that attempts to present itself as true. For most of the thread, you have been missing the point and attacking Saru, not the argument that he presents. If anybody has shown the most bias and immaturity in their arguments, it has been you.
  8. I have high hopes of Keegoz unintentionally killing Rose like how he killed Guardian during Alpha.
  9. You're assuming that Saru and the many are assuming an assuming role. You simply assume, and you know how that saying about assumptions goes.
  10. >implying I didn't use pretentious for said reason
  11. As always, a pretentious announcement from Guardian delivered by the one and only Prefontaine. /sage
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