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  1. Uh-huh. 'Approached by certain elements' seems like a very generous way to phrase it.
  2. If you're a raider, and you have enough infra for a nuke to substantially cut into your profits, you're not a very good raider.
  3. It's one thing to make a project that isn't 'top tier' with niche uses. It's another to make a project that only vaguely makes sense for less than 1% of the playerbase, who will only take it because 'meh, I have a slot open'. Except it won't make the whales any pickier in a way that matters, though. A choice isn't meaningful if one option is obviously, mathematically, and flatly inferior to another. Do you think the whales care about 'having all the projects' as anything other than a flex? How much do you think they care about picking between two projects that are, frankly, so worthless that they've saved them for last?
  4. Why yes, I would like to see projects that force players to make meaningful choices about how they want to play the game. It's almost like opportunity costs are something that can make gameplay more interesting. 128 players, assuming about 15k nations exist, is about .8% of the community. When you're making options that less than 1% of the playerbase has any reason to care about, and even then, would only take because 'meh, I have the slot open', yeah, I'd see that as an issue.
  5. CBs are for people who need an excuse to have fun.
  6. Well, actually, it should probably be the job of the secretary of FA. And this post makes it pretty obvious why you're not called the secretary of FA.
  7. The only scenario under which an alliance bank gets looted is when someone's incompetent enough to put an inactive in charge of the offshore bank. There was never really an expectation that it'd get looted, unless you were a bunch of morons. We just wanna burn your pixels for fun.
  8. Polaris Prevails, huh? How did the Northern Crusade go, again..?
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