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  1. So, your overall recommendation to fix this issue would be for more forum communication and a slightly heavier emphasis on formality/RP?
  2. Tempted to downvote for not referencing "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads in the title or body. Looking forward to seeing what amusing advice is given.
  3. It's worth noting that this might end up slightly skewed (selection bias?) since the people who enjoy interacting with the community/ enjoy political intrigue the most are the ones going on the forums anyway. Similarly, anyone who is on pnw because of time sunk into it is unlikely to be on the forums.
  4. Since I'm a smoothbrain and apparently can't make the quote function work for me, @Jacob Knox A. It's a propaganda thread (not necessarily true/not holding true in all times or places. In other words, for the memes) B. Since you took the time to view my nation page, I suppose you must have also noticed how heavily I have been downdeclared (and I voluntarily updeclared in some cases to help out my allies). Military strategy isn't always needed if one possesses overwhelming strength
  5. The Fighting Pacifists fight like a bunch of pacifists; that is, like people who don't have a clue how to fight
  6. Earth shakes,Stone breaksThe forest is at your doorThe dark sleep is brokenThe woods have awokenThe trees have gone to warRoots rend, wood bendsThe Federation has answered the callThrough branches now the wind singsFeel the power of living thingsThe Feds have gone to war Bloody battles ahead, may the better bloc win
  7. Maybe I'm just very new, but the discord messages shown look more humorous than anything (i.e. they're only a joke). The allegations of a hostage server could use substantiation, but if true, lends strong credence to the claims above.
  8. It's specifically meant to help producers at lower city levels without totally breaking resource markets at whale tiers. It's intended to do nothing for C16+
  9. 1. The leaders of Blackwater and Clock admit that they have the smallest of black clocks 2. House Stark must change their motto to "The South forgets" 3. Every alliance in the game gets to make a secret MDP with another alliance, and no one is ever allowed to question their validity I'm out of ideas, will add more later if I think of some
  10. Very nice indeed, I like the attention to history... and more importantly, the attention to F O O D
  11. Noice, that is quite a thought-out factbook! I like it, and I like how detailed your descriptions of different ministries are.
  12. Lol, I was not expecting the GoT and The Office mashup, that was pretty good
  13. When I have some time on my hands (which is not terribly frequent) I sometimes see if the nation factbooks of my enemies and friends are filled out with anything interesting. Most times, they are sad, empty spaces, with little of interest within (if anything, which is much more frequently the case). So. Are you bored like me? Link me some interesting factbooks for my perusal and for that of other curious, bored people. And yes, I do actually have a fully filled-out factbook (I'm not a hypocrite—in this case, at least)
  14. Ah, interesting. Is it supposed to change every hour (as it currently appears to)? Or is that just a display issue?
  15. So, I have been keeping track of my approval rating on the leaderboards because it is the only leaderboard that my nation is on. I noticed something weird about it over the last few days. After reducing my pollution to 0, my approval rating increased by about 0.15 points at 1PM CT today to 1,217.05. However, on the hours that are NOT turns, my approval rating drops by just over 1 full point. (As of 2PM CT today, my approval rating dropped from 1,217.05 to 1,215.99. It is important to emphasize that the turn change for me was 1PM CT, not 2). Then, just now (3PM CT, another turn), my score dropped again to 1,214.78. I have looked at the info about approval rating on the wiki (https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Approval_Rating), so I am aware of the effect that wars and espionage have on it. My pollution is zero, and my population density is very low (20.86). I have plenty of food, money, and resources to power my cities, so there shouldn't be anything draining my approval on those parts. Sorry I don't have any screenshots. If necessary, I can make some over time. I guess I am just confused as to whether or not this is working correctly, especially regarding the changes that do not occur on turns (since I thought the wheels of the game only changed on turns). My nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=310694 The Highest Approval leaderboard (I am currently third highest): https://politicsandwar.com/leaderboards/arhi Edit one: added a picture with my current approval rating (with time in CT). Appears to have risen again? Edit two, electric bugaloo: Another change again at 4PM CT (not a turn change), falling again this time. Edit three, I need to go pee: rating rose slightly this time (5PM CT, actual turn change). Seems to rise slightly each turn, and then drop by a larger amount on hours that aren't regular turn change? Will try to screenshot again at 6PM to see if it follows this same pattern. Edit four, I'm tired and poor: At 6PM CT (not a turn), my approval rating dropped again. Now there is a true pattern established. Is this working as intended?
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