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  1. Ayy Lmao this is probably one of my favourite treaties Love ya'll TO
  2. Ayy Lmao Nice DoW again
  3. 1. I was just too lazy 2. I didn't really see a need to join 3. I heard the forums could be pretty annoying 🤣
  4. Uhhh yeah so uhm I finally decided to make a forum account here lol. I'm Maple but you can also call me Meepl which is my nickname. I joined the game in July 2020 and I've been in BK ever since where I do a lot of different jobs (I'm just a casual staff lmao). I also have a 1970s pocket watch (very random I know but don't blame me, it's 1:30 am when I'm writing this :v)*Hmm what else can I say?* I'm the one who made BK's sig for the new BK-T$ treaty Ayy Lmao That's all, looking forward to chilling here with everyone else 😛
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