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  1. This will never end so lock it already... Nobody will win this
  2. EM I won't miss u come back with a multi or something ?
  3. TI wanted me to remove my farms so I will be back once I'm a whale buddy.
  4. your risking it being made as a rule buddy...
  5. If we are then I'm in as long as we don't get caught lol JK I won't
  6. I'm saying that because I'm not who u want to mess with
  7. I want to find out to ^
  8. No because I don't feel safe anymore
  9. Today in the national business fort I will talk about 3 people who deserves to hold a orbis business award 1. @TheShadow For the best bank in orbis 2. Titan on discord For the best meme news show 3. @Greene For the best business manager
  10. @Corpsman I'm always here for u if u need me
  11. TBH your right but this is just a general survey on food ppu. I'm doing this survey so we can come together as a community to figure out the average ppu. Also Spread The Word
  12. This is a poll on who wants food prices to drop or stay the same
  13. Wut is going on in quarantine right now

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