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  1. Best of luck to everyone involved, make sure to bring your most creative war reasons to the table, I will praise creatiive ones among you 😄
  2. You had me on beating Aqua. You're on 😁
  3. Bestest of luck to all participants, I'm expecting creative war reasons, know that I'll silently (or not so silently) judge you if you don't
  4. They'll have to glue you back together Kindly lead me to your treasury I'm just illegally dumping my uranium
  5. Take no prisoners! No rest for the wicked They'll speak of this day for generations I could come up with more but I suck at this
  6. The Quest for the Holy Ducky. I'll hear no objection.
  7. The entire reasoning behind making the informed decision to grab an expensive project is that you can anticipate how long it would take for it to pay off. If the spy satellite gets degraded from where it currently is to where it'll be post-proposed changes, you're no longer making informed decisions, you're simply gambling.
  8. I was about to go on a long explanation on why I think that nerfing a project that costs upwards of 700 millions (with space program) was a kick in the shins, but it seems the point was already raised. Either tune your numbers so spy sat doesn't get neutered, or refund spy sats to those who request it.
  9. Exalts


    Nation ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=235000 Leader: Dwarve (at the time of this thread being open, liable to change in the future) Accusation: Using multiple accounts for the sake of sabotage Note that upon being caught red-handed, he has deleted one of his nations going under the following ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=209357 This is most likely not instigated by the Hanseatic League (alliance of the aforementioned deleted nation), but rogue acts. Whether data can be retrieved from deleted nations to prove the veracity of this claim is possible of not is beyond me, I'm sharing what information I have. And, extra bits of shady actions that, depending on whether it's possible to verify changes to one's nation and check on deleted nations, can be proven or are hearsay: - On August 4th 2020, the nation of Dwarven Mountain was a member of Rose, linked to the discord user Marus#8793. At the same time, the nation of Macoasta (now deleted) showed up using the same Discord user on PNW. - On August 5th 2020, Macoasta changes Discord user to Marus#[Some other discriminant] - On August 6th 2020, Macoasta was deleted, Dwarven Mountain is now noted to be using discord user Marus#8393. - On August 7th 2020, a new nation of Latte Country was created, under the same unique ID as Dwarven Mountain, and applies to The Commonwealth - On August 7th 2020, Latte Country is no longer linked to Dwarven Mountain - Same day, around 12:30 UTC, Dwarven Mountain got deleted Unique ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=235000 Apologies if the form of the report is messy, I'm far from good at that kind of things. I can provide extra bits of info if prompted (I also now realize, too late sadly, that I posted this in Forum Reports rather than Game Reports... Please forgive me)
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