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  1. Nations on beige (or gray) don't pay taxes, so if you can beige cycle an enemy, they wont be paying any taxes. Typically its the losing side that ends up being mass blockaded, so I don't know if this helps from a game balance perspective. Plenty of things in this game don't make irl sense, from nukes not killing any units and only 2 buildings, ships being 30 tons etc.
  2. Borg

    Slot filling

    Edit: nvm, it got peaced. War link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=1069556 I believe its against the rules to declare on someone in your own alliance, correct me if i'm wrong. 20m19s ago: Biohazard left Cataclysm | HEIR 09/15 02:17 am - Biohazard declared war on Seven Seas for the reason of "I'm real sorry man". 09/15 02:23 am - Biohazard applied to join the alliance Cataclysm. Something went wrong! You've received the following error(s): That nation, Seven Seas, is currently involved in 3/3 defensive wars. Please wait until at least one expires before declaring a new war.
  3. These mechanical changes aren't solely beneficial to a losing nation. These all seem designed to make it a lot more difficult (or rather, impossible) to take someone's military down and keep it down, which'll make it much harder to defeat nations with more cities/military. It also reduces the games already simple strategy, since this would remove any kind of beige cycling. If that's the case, imo there should be other mechanisms so at least people with more coordination can be rewarded for their efforts. What i'd like to see: If you are kept blockaded and run out of resources, you should still have options for fighting, albeit in a diminished capacity It should be easier to break or bypass blockades The kinds of attacks a losing nation does should be buffed (without severely changing the dynamics for everything else) Ideas: - Allow buying and using soldiers without power, but they are weaker or the cap is much lower - Increase soldier tank kills, but also casualties to other soldiers - Some mechanism for receiving funds when blockaded (with some costs and limits associate with doing so) - Reduce navy rebuy to 3 days (maybe increase naval MAP usage and navy losses to air as a debuff for this?) - Have utter failures destroy some amount of infrastructure (though much less than a successful attack)
  4. Your ally, TO, protecting dusty after he coups alliances, also very classy. Waffle House formed a few days ago, global was already happening.
  5. So true. I also think its incredibly unfair we have a project for pirates, Pirates Economy, but none for farmers. Kinda unbalanced we don't have a project called farmers economy that reduces defensive slots
  6. Couldn't you could have other brackets than the default? Was that back when you could tax grays? Because setting someone to/from applicant doesn't reset your seniority. Crazy. What's next, spies not havng score? Yep. Would allow for good 100/100 tax farms though.
  7. dunno. It seems like a separate issue in that its a ponzi scheme only held up by the systemic issue of actually converting those stocks and cashing out. the cash from the original sale of the shares was embezzled on their other ventures / buying cities or whatever, or wasted it on dumb stuff like sending schrute's 1b offshore to 4 different people and paying off pirates
  8. I hope we can keep in touch. Farewell, and best of luck in life. ❤️
  9. Sorry. I know this is no-discussion, but I feel that my transparency in this would help. > I'm guessing this is the point of Borg having control of so many nations, to circumvent restrictions, otherwise why isn't Borg just operating the bank themselves? I am doing this because people want to use my bank/alliance management tools. Its very convenient to do things through discord, especially since the game doesn't natively have a way to track and verify individual nation's deposits / loans / grants. I can't operate this myself, because I AM NOT IN THOSE ALLIANCES. There is no feasible way for a script running via my nation to perform the necessary bank or alliance actions. > Borg does have the login information in order to control the banking operations performed by these nations, otherwise how else would this be accomplished? The usernames and passwords are salted and encrypted in a database which is queried only via prepared statements. Unfortunately it can't hash the passwords since it needs to unencrypt it to perform the logins. > are these players entirely operating their nations via this management tool/script/bot and thus perpetually sharing an IP and user agent? No. The script is solely for bank/alliance management. > what operations this tool is performing and whether or not these operations are initiated by a human or potentially entirely automated? !EditAlliance - change alliance control panel settings !mail - send an ingame message !checkmail - check ingame messages and post to discord !modifytreaty - modifies a treaty ingame (e.g. cancel it) !sendtreaty - sends a treaty ingame !setrank - sets a nations rank !transfer - sends funds !grant - same as transfer, sends funds (but as a grant) !checkup (does IA audits - doesn't do anything ingame except scrape stuff from the alliance page) !taxbracketsheet - generates a sheet of player's tax rates !SetTaxRate - set a player's tax rate !SyncTaxes - fetches the tax logs and adds them to the database The checking / sending of ingame mail is automated. Everyone runs recruitment bots. > But can you tell the difference, or do the developers just have to give you the right answer when you enquire about it? Opening the game at a school, university, or even a mobile network (with a shared IP pool) can result in this (to name a few). You yourself have (incidentally) been on the same network as 7 other people in the past https://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=178&nation_id=220948 Ultimately, the kind of information required to differentiate between legitimate usage is only something the game admin has access to. (i.e. Due to privacy laws like GDPR) > Are these nations always controlled from the same IP and user agent? Only the banking/alliance management tools via the bot occur on the same network. Their normal ingame activity will use their own network. > Do you permit anyone to handle wars for any of these accounts now I would assume that would not be permitted (though I guess up to alex how he wants to interpret the rules). Regardless, I do not want be controlling people's wars or playing the game for them. This is solely for bank/alliance management. > Can you tell what actions a player initiates and what might be entirely clever automation? Theoretically it should show up in network logs e.g. what IP address was used when the declare war page was requested. I would expect these network logs to be kept for 30 days before automatic deletion. I don't think there's an easy way to provably differentiate between what you define as "cleverly automated" and performed by a person. Alex could ask to be added as admin on all those alliance's discords maybe - though this is wholly irrelevant to the original report of multis. Plenty of alliances, including yours, have tools for the game - the only difference is that I am sharing. Its worth noting - besides 99a/space invaders - my alliance has no ingame ties with the other alliances (and I would assume, actively raids them). I am not compensated for the tools - though I suppose you would only have my/the alliance leader's word on that. > Doesn't your current approach just establish a really good arrangement for multi rings to operate under? these tools are things I've asked the game mods about. Alex has ways to verify whether e.g. a war declaration - occurred on the same network, by checking network logs. So no, its not a good way to avoid a ban if you have multis. Besides, the amount of effort, not just in making the tools for these alliances to use, but involving in a multi ring... the gov, all the people who have known each other for potentially years? I can give you a list of the discord's for the alliance gov/leaders you can talk to. So you can better understand the scope of the multi conspiracy you are accusing me of. imo, if someone wants to create a multi, I would imagine using a vpn, or tor would be a simpler approach.
  10. Its banking / alliance management tools which I freely offer people in this game through locutus. These actions are triggered by respective gov members of those alliances using commands on discord. I'm confident network logs can corroborate that other ingame actions were not done on the same network. That trade is from before that account was using said tools (and thus on the same network) - so is irrelevant. Nations flagged on the same network are prevented from trading. @Alex would verifying be necessary to clear this up?
  11. we use them for our crazy alien experiments
  12. so... higher interest than most people can already get, and you need to pay collateral.
  13. Surrender? Not white peace? lmao
  14. If you go with "solutions" that were suggesting in the past, it won't change anything really. You'll still have e.g. Yarr. Or bigger alliances where shuffling funds around isn't an issue. So it'd shift a lot of wealth to whales, and make it a lot harder on micros, and all the companies/banks in Orbis.
  15. There's a large portion of the game content with pixelhugging. Hence why some recent-ish updates have been largely detrimental to piracy.
  16. 3100 years ago, Silent Demon Emperor City arose to conquer the Southernmost region of the Sky Spill Continent. An ordinary third grade sect, fearing enslavement by Silent Demon Emperor City, especially fearing for their female disciples, escaped to the South Sea Region, to a vast island, then called Immortal Island. The Sect Leader, now known as the 1st Divine Phoenix Master Ancestor, explored the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, a special and spatial realm created by the long forgotten Ancient Phoenix Clan, who had since left the Sky Spill World. There, she had many lucky chances, obtaining the Vermillion Bird and Blue Luan bloodlines, along with their corresponding cultivation techniques, Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle and Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code respectively. Discord Server Department User Rank Emperor christian2094 Life Destruction Imperial Regent JadenStar10 Middle Revolving Core Chief Advisor Borg Extreme Divine Transformation Viceroy of Foreign Affairs Grabacr Late Xiantian Viceroy of Internal Affairs MorganL Middle Revolving Core Viceroy of Military Command Flamescove Late Revolving Core Viceroy of the Treasury and Economy None Viceroy of Technology Scatheon Extreme Xiantian Duke of Foreign Affairs Scatheon Extreme Xiantian Duke of Internal Affairs Hideri Kanzaki Half-Step Revolving Core Duke of Military Command USSR DOGE Early Revolving Core Duke of the Treasury and Economy None Duke of Technology None
  17. Yes. Would love to see more stats and extended leaderboards. I can add a few to my bot (if it's easily doable with the api) in the meantime.
  18. I airstriked soon after he made them, see the war linked by OP. I setup alerts to link me to the airstrike page when he bought soldiers. no clue how logs will prove anything besides that I performed airstrikes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess its similar to how ppl winged during global about cheating when they got slotted immediately after leaving beige at random times game mechanic wise, if you dont want quick timing to give anyone advantage, attacks could be queued to run during turn change.
  19. Hi. I have alerts, locutus checks every 30s. I still perform the attacks myself.
  20. Arrgh! Also, your mask is covering the wrong part of your face. Don't want to get covid on top of having survey
  21. @Phoenix I mean, people do that, yes, but 10m isn't much and you can make a lot more from raiding. (You can also use the market without being on beige). Milking beige and avoiding wars isn't what most would consider a good playstyle, since you're missing a large portion of the game.
  22. Your spies destroyed 1 nuclear weapon. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $25,000.00 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed.
  23. different opinions eh. lol fair. Though I thought blocs usually tried to have a shared FA vision. And yeah, I think it was mentioned t$ turned down e.g. Fark. can't remember the others, but wsa this done because they were incompetent, or because you were worried about becoming e.g. 4x (instead of only 3x) larger than hedge? I will say that I don't have it out for t$. though tbf your size has been problematic in the past when e.g. our prot was an IQ beachhead or some such and you countered counters. Or rolling over color issues. Or Aurora threatening to counter counters on occasion, and having to back down. etc. 404 had considered signing trying to sign with TKR at one point (as leaked in our gov logs), though politics as they were lead us to join hedge where we've grown to like. Uh, i'm probably not the best person to vent about the moral outrage. tbh I don't actually care that much, since i'm not a decision maker for those kinds of things. I'm just here enjoying the drama / war. I also love arguing, as you can probably tell.
  24. lol. besides the propaganda about the HM plot, are cooper and parti actually on the same page? cause it sounds like parti started this war to preserve t$ sphere's position rather than as a tool to negotiate a more balanced orbis. anywho, love the war regardless, peace is boring, but i'm not sure why this is war is necessary to bring swamp to the table about possible downsizing. hasn't the idea of TKR/t$ split been brought up countless times before?
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