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Let's settle all our Ethical Difficulties as a community!

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G - For Everyone
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  2. With the new update settling in the game files & the community what is your guys opinion on the concepts being added by it? What changes do you see coming thou war tactics & military affairs? What might these changes cause the community to do through Econ, MA, IA, & FA between all nations & alliances? What might be the total effects of all above?(Question to explain each further)
  3. Good Friendly Happy Helpfull Bad Too lewd Too many jokes Not convincable Hobbies Cooking Gaming Helping people Interests Cooking Japanese culture and language Neko catgirls
  4. Good Calm/Patient Detail-Oriented Optimistic/Cheerful Bad Stubborn Cautious Suspicious Hobbies Drawing Social Media Games in General Interests Woodworking Construction Club Music (EDM, Hip-Hip/Rap/R&B, & Pop)
  5. Circle one of the two characteristics on each line that.pdfLets get to know each other better. So I would like us to list three of your... Good Personality Traits Bad Personality Traits Hobbies Interests

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