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Themed Nation Flag Contest


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Orbis Nation Flag Contest

Every year, it has been a tradition for alliances to update their flag to correspond with holidays (Valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas, others). Every season, I run a themed flag contest on discord including now (Thalmoria, #themed-flags https://discord.gg/ve9aVCmaQ9). Alliance gov, feel free to DM me when your flags are ready.

This year I will be offering a prize for individual nation flags hosted here on the forums! All are welcome to enter for a chance at a prize. 


Post a response in this thread! All are welcome to post one flag


Upvote the posts with the flags you like the most. It won't be enforced, but try not to vote for your alliance mates.


Flags obviously generated by AI will be disqualified

Edited posts will be disqualified

Flags must be original (no alliance flag entries or past year entries)


1st place: $300 million

2nd and 3rd place: $50 million

Prize amounts are subject to increase. DM if you'd like to sponsor. 

An example of last year's Alliance winter/Christmas flag winner:



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Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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