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Won the away game and received no money


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We put in a cap so you can't win more than $2m a day - once you hit that, you'll stop receiving revenue from baseball

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I rarely win $15,000 a day a long way from $2 million.  You may want to look at this . I have played 2 away game and a few home games today. I just played and away game and the problem still exist. I am not losing great sums of money. This game was $197.58. 

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Arfcom Cripples

Rating: 2.52

Misantry Waste Collectors

Rating: 3.09

Hits Runs Runs Hits
8 1 0 9
Attendance Winner's Earnings Average Ticket Price Home Team Revenue
1,898 people $177.64 $0.23 $545.68

I did not receive my $177.64. Like I said not a great sum of money.  My team lifetime is under $5 million in earnings.

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The money does not display in the top right of the resource screen that shows my money on hand.  It never changes when I win an away game (which is rare) It does work fine if I play a home game.  I will try it again later. So far though no love from the away games.

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