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Join the Swords of Sanghelios Today!

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Welcome to Orbis, Fellow Leader
I'm JadenStar10, Heir to the Alliance called the "Swords of Sanghelios"

Why You should join us:

  • Over $2 billion in grants!  
  • 0% interest loans 
  • We have an automated banking system that’s available 24/7. 
  • Full access to the most advanced (and easy to use) discord bot for Politics and War! 
  • Lots of experienced staff to teach you the game and give you great advice on how to best grow your nation! 

What we want from you

We’re looking for members who can be active.
Discord is mandatory! Our alliance operates mostly from within discord.

If you’re interested in joining us, or have any questions you’d like answered first, please join our discord server:


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10 hours ago, Ramona said:

>low tier

Stfu Ramona, you were a low tier once :sadyeet:

4 hours ago, Redarmy said:

Could I get those 2bn in grants for C31? 

0% interest loans for you? yep!

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