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Database - Spy Ring Uncovered and More

Merky Mo

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The team at Database has uncovered a spy ring and other other things.

Full detailed breakdown/evidence in Database: https://discord.gg/86Hzkp2CWU

The Jist of it is

An individual called Badorties#2934 is running a spy ring and demanding several small micros a percentage of their income. The spy ring is selling this information they gather as they have spies in several groups/alliances, the full extent of this is not known. The Organization responsible for the distribution and selling of this information being "Excalibur Core635372351_Creeper_34(1).png.af63540bc9cbe1b7f43824553cacfbd4.png



In addition this individual is attempting to extort several small micros for a percentage of their income


Once again all screenshots/breakdowns is in the Database server since I'm not post like a Dozen or so screenshots here. This post was made so more people are aware of this stingy operation. List of alliances/nations affiliated are of course in the Database server. btw. 


Best regards to all who helped in this investigation. 

As a general note if you want me to investigate anything feel free to slide in my DMs.

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Nothing wacky is going to happen to you I swear.


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46 minutes ago, Denison said:


Leaking some dude trynna do chaos to micros or smth then they advertise their business because why not.

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