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Child Beater nation, reach end before only issuing a strike.

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4 hours ago, w00tles said:

Unfortunately, you could not be more wrong about all of this. The fact is that I created none of the things you point out. 

This is a no discussion zone.


4 hours ago, w00tles said:

The "poem" is not written by me. It is from a parody tweet by @baseballcrank @MisterBaseball0 on Twitter (see edit). He regularly tweets absurd humor like this.

You clearly approve of such vulgar and nasty humor to put it on your nation. 


4 hours ago, w00tles said:

As Alex has been forced to state over and over and over again, communist imagery is not against the rules.

I refer to the fact that you are propagating an image that promotes the death of 50 million. Alex must take that into consideration when dealing with this. I said communist once, and it as not in referral to the image. It was in referral to Sherman, who was a racist and a communist. We do not tolerate racism and racist figures here.


4 hours ago, w00tles said:

Baseball: My nation is a re-roll, and all baseball stuff carries over to a new nation. I made my first nation on October 5th, making it 58 days and an average of 1200 games per day. This is well in line with other players who are obsessed with baseball. Some play more than this on average. I don't stand out. The security changes make it extremely hard to automate. You present no evidence anyway.

That is incorrect. When you reroll the baseball does not remain intact. The team is wiped. Lets take a normal person: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=181720


50 days, maxed team not nearly as many games. He's played less than 10% of games you have, lol. The shear number of baseball games you have played is unreal. That alone is plenty of evidence to warrant an investigation.




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10 hours ago, Lycus said:

This is a no discussion zone.

I just want to state, W00tles is the accused in this report, and can argue their defense. 


Also friendly reminder: 

This is a No-Discussion Forum. Do not reply to this post, unless you meet one of the following criteria:


  • You are the topic creator
  • You are the accused in the original topic
  • You have specific evidence to provide regarding the report
  • You are a Staff member

If you fail to follow these regulations, you will receive a Warning Point, and potentially have a temporary account suspension as-per the Forum Rules.


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21 hours ago, The Meat said:

How is that number of games unreal? I spent a day in bed sick and watched netflix while clicking.

That would be one day. For him, it's everyday. It's not normal for any human to be clicking play on a browser game everyday all day for 35 days straight. Madokami said it well. That is my point, and I hope Alex will look into this... As well as the 7 strike worthy incidents above.


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