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  1. On the contrary. They are classic as well. But it's so very different when you have people lashing out as some of your friends have. Lot's of ooc insults and acts. I'm no Nazi. My opinion matters, just like yours, because we are all equal. Comparing me to being a kulak that needs to be delt with is wrong, especially given that it's a part of my family history. It's like saying I'm not commenting on communism because of the meme. I'm commenting because you are promoting yourselves as communists irl to a game community, being strong believers and proud enough about it to plaster it to a community that doesn't need to know your irl ideologies. I believe that's wrong, because all former communists before you have failed... Causing the extermination of millions. I don't want that to happen ever again.
  2. Not exactly. I think it played a part towards this situation. Just because you fought with someone for a while doesn't mean you want to ally them. What I'm really saying is their sphere had tS and NPO. Two really good alliances. Their chemistry may have or may not have aided them in working together. When tS went in for the whales, NPO was on board. They were going to fight together in this. Then tS backed down, NPO did not. What is known fact here is they BOTH knew this was a vital moment to secure their position in the game. But only NPO followed through with the plan overall because tS backed down for who knows what reason. At that point they deviated. Now this is where things like signing people without talking to you allies first might come into play. Even political stances and rehtoric. Let's see. Peace out and leave NPO in the conflict. Sign Sanreizan who are traitors. Make a satellite to hit DB, who was under NPOs protection. Make a satellite fighting against NPO in the war. Protect more war dodgers, aka new YakTEst. Sign OWR. Sign Carthago. The only one good out of all that was signing Carthago, who actually can fight when they feel like it... If NPO even wanted to expand the sphere even more than they were. That's alot imo. The fault of what's happening right now, lies in both of their hands. No one can blame one or the other. They didn't stay true to their initial goal as a unit. Your side conviently may blame NPO. Secret treaty this and that. From my perspective of fighting on my side, I don't see that at all. My current thought process through it makes much more sense than a secret treaty. I would have joined BK, rolled you all. Then once that was done, roll BK. Then be sitting at the top of the game like kings.
  3. Wow, right on the pressure point I would say. Stalin murdered an unnumbered amount of them before most of my family went through a hell of pain. Starvation, sexual violation, forced labour. Hopefully you don't mean that I'm of that stature as to be treated like they were by Stalin. 😂
  4. Uh, @mods? You don't know my ideologies. You don't know me. But I come from a country that has lived through the horrors of communism, the most you have on me is the fact that I do not approve of communism. Just because I don't like communism doesn't mean I'm evil and hateful. I've shown you civility and respect, do I not get the same?
  5. Pinochets memes are classic. They've been around for about 8ish years. That's what I meant by good old pinochet. But sure, you can imply I'm literally saying he was a good guy who we should model after and follow his example. I'm such a bad person for sharing such a meme. Lag, sorry fam. Mobile sucks
  6. You right. He's not good, but that's besides my point. Oh hold up, let's persecute Frawely for using him as a profile picture. Gosh, even NPO can meme. I can't?
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augusto_Pinochet I'm sure you can read. No, just no. I don't support Nazis, nor do I associate with such scum. You certainly should calm your jugs. Afrika is a continent. Korps is commonly used to refer to a military with some 30k divisions. You are literally flaming rn, labeling me things I don't associate with. I tell you our lore, literally implied on our alliance page, and you tell me it's not that. It's my alliance buddy, not yours. Now I've never plastered anything have I? You call yourselves communists, plaster it on your announcement. Our announcements typically include some Ugandan military, ww2 tanks, and the landscape of the most beautiful continent on the planet. Also, aren't you calling your leader a facist? Do you realize how ironic that is? I'll say it again, she was our co-leader. 2ic. Before that she was a minister in our propaganda department. Gosh dude. Next thing you'll say is, oh no there's eagles on our alliance page. Your leader literally designed our banners after the game sniper elite. This is hilarious. I'm sorry to break it to you. Not all dictators are fascists. And quite frankly, how dare you attack my education. Anime is all one needs to have a great life. Capitalist control eh? Haha. Man, you guys are pretty hardcore. I bet you guys are living in a capitalist country right now, complaining despite the fact that I went from nothing to owning a business of my own. Capitalism empowers the people to make a life for themselves. I don't mind it at all. Aaaaand here we go, off the topic. Haha.
  8. Correct Say what? You can't handle a meme? Not to mention, there's absolutely no reference to "fashy" content in my meme. Throwing commies out of helis is from the good old Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet. Who infact is not a fashy person. Also, I have not imposed an ideology on you. Neither has my alliance, that is themed around having a Warlord leading an Afrikan military state. You instead look for people with communist tendencies irl to associate with. We should not be discriminating people in-game based on their irl beliefs. (I'm an independent btw) Oh wait, you should ask @Do Not Fear Jazz. She was our 2ic afterall. I'm sure you know her very well being your leader... as do we. She made our nation page art and flags too. Animated advirtisments even which we all loved. I'm certain our alliance has invested billions in her, and she even grew faster than me despite being a younger nation. We miss you! Quite a common meme bro. Read what I just said above.
  9. So you guys want a real life revolution? Relive communist Russia and China? Kill billions of people. I would not be proud of being a communist when it's killed so many people.
  10. Oh great, more ex-Pantheon scrubs. tS saved you from crumbling, respect them.
  11. The Syndicate little by little trampled on the ally they should have held close to for the dynamism they so desired. This hit would have happened long ago if NPO actually did have a paperless treaty with BK. My guess is that the relationship was so ill maintained that tS basically threw NPO into BKs hands rather than fighting to keep the sphere in one strong piece. Who knows? The main thing that has changed was tS signing Carthago and OWR. Both bailed out of the war on Coalition B's side to run to tSs side. Maybe tS didn't ask their ally first if they could sign them. Imagine Empyrea signing someone who's linked to the "blob" and sticking to it. I have no doubts KT and tGH would break ties. I think NPO protected tS for a whole 4 months, cause otherwise we all know tS would have been fighting BK and friends. Not to mention they had a satellite alliance fight for KERCHTOG. Then they made a another satellite alliance to roll NPOs ally DB, who is now fighting for coalition B. Satellite here. Satellite there. Accept tons of war dodgers. Protect war dodging alliances. Even a traitorous alliance like Sanreizan. BC (Sanreizan post creation) didn't declare a single war for tCW, but now they jump on the chance to attack tCW affiliates. TS attacked Guardian and Grumpy alone, only to get clobbered. NPO follows their lead and tS yeets out to peace faster than you can blink. N$O would have been the strongest and most versatile sphere if they could have got their stuff together and just worked towards global dominance.
  12. You can't just compare our size when I've got grapefruits and Tanya has lemons.
  13. If that's the case, then forgive me. At least you seem to have come to terms with them. I hope you understand my concerns when I saw what happened, and no one clarified whatsoever anywhere. I did just talk to some Yakuza members/friends who don't really agree with what you did, but they accept it. So I guess that's the end of that. You should read my response instead of throwing a trash argument quite literally made of glass. I'm not arguing about leaders. If I did, I'd argue Khai is a formidable one just as he is a good friend. I've played Travian with Khai and we've won servers before a few years back when we had no lives. He organized and led over 150 players. I doubt that's something you've done. Your argument doesn't accommodate for the fact that we've been the top ranking 2018 alliance for a long time. Solid top 20. It also doesn't accommodate for the fact that AK is one of the few who broke net positive in this war. Two simple points that don't happen under a "trash" leader as you state. I respect my bro. Oh, alright. I guess we'll see post war. 🙂
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