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Parliamentary Orbis

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Normally, I would open a suggestion with a sarcastic opening that would somewhat explain the "issue" that I'm having, but I'm far too tired to do that. For now, I'm just going to post this suggestion, and watch my upvote count decrease until I no longer have the cool gif.



The idea behind the parliament would be that each of the "primary" groups are being represented equally in this forum. This is not going to be a "true" parliament in a sense, but this will be a step in a better direction (in my belief at least).

So, the members of the parliament.

Now, there are going to be twenty-two seats of this parliament, which will be listed below.

NPO - 2 seats.

The Covenant - 2 seats

BK sphere (GoG, Cam, etc) - 2 seats

Fark Sphere - 2 seats

Micro member of decent importance - 1 seat

Yarr - 1 seat (preferably Prefontaine)

Astra bloc - 1 seat

Chaos Bloc - 2 seats

Ketog bloc - 2 seats

Rose sphere - 1 seat

$yndi$phere - 2 seats

Administration - 1 seat (preferably Alex)


And three wildcards. These three wildcards can be from any sphere, micro alliance, or anything similar. Please note, no two wildcards can be from allies (direct or indirect. I.E. not two people where one person is TKR, and the other person in Valinor).


Powers of the Parliament

So, the parliament will be able to basically create "votes" within themselves where they get to propose an idea to the administration. Any sphere/bloc is able to put an idea onto the "dining table" and everyone gets to vote on the idea*

The idea is that the parliament of the game is able to quickly go through a voting process, and send Alex their opinions on certain ideas and such. Ideally, the group is able to find a majority for one side or the other (13-8, 14-7, 15-6, 16-5, etc) and the vote gets passed on to Alex. 

If the vote passes, then Alex has the decision of adding it to his quarterly goals (or his next quarterly goals should the month be nearing the end), or vetoing the idea. Alex has complete power of the parliament... except for one occasion. One rare occasion that will probably never happen... an unanimous vote... This will never happen, so Alex doesn't need to worry... but I feel like it would be lost to not include it.

*While everyone is able to vote on any given subject, there shall be a forty-eight hour cap on any vote. If you do not manage to state your opinion (in one way or another) your vote shall not be counted.

The Issue We're Solving

The current issue in the game is the inability to get the voice of the leadership, nor the members. 

Right now, most of the important people avoid the forums because it has devolved into rabbit beasts that only copy and paste their agenda... which means that most of the people will not care for any of the polls, any of the bs going on.

So, what could be a good idea is to change the politics of the game right now. Right now, the politics of the game is "you suck", and "you suck more," and no one is really trying to convince the other person that they're right, quite frankly, they're just being rude to each other.


So this solution will do two things. The first thing it will do, is create an argumentative air, instead of a pissy one. Now, people will have a reason to try to explain to neutrals why they're right (because they won't win the vote otherwise), so they have an invested interest in trying to convince people, instead of pushing them away.

The other thing, we will have quicker opinions on current issues. So, if the game is broken in one way or another, the parliament would hopefully talk about it. Should some side have a particular opinion on something relatively unimportant, but a change that could help the game, that could also be voted on without some random poll on the forums that no one will see.


Potential Issues

The first potential issue that I'm going to bring up is voting. Now, you may be wondering "how will everyone vote in a manner that is somewhat private" and to that question, I give you a simple response. They can message a middle man their vote. Now, just because I would love to be temporally in the action, I will unceremoniously elect myself for the position. The position can be replaced on a timely basis (i.e a month, half a year, or a year (those are just examples)). 

Removing members from the parliament. No one can remove anyone else from the parliament (asides from if the moderator notices they left the alliance they represent... offshore owners will be allowed), however, you can sit down from a position (i.e retire from a position),you can be removed by your alliance (should they think that you don't share their ideals well enough) you can hand off the position to someone else, and if you leave your alliance, you will be removed and replaced by someone new.


Initial members of the parliament... well this is quite simple, we ask the spheres and blocs in question to choose two representatives that accurately portray their view. The time will be about a week, and failure to create (a) member(s) in that time frame will just result in missed votes for those members. Waiting will not occur and excuses will be ignored.


Anyway, I would love to see your guys' response to this suggestion.

And, for the holiday season, Happy Thanksgiving!

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There are no neutrals. No one is right. We're all doomed

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Should be proportional to game population. Rather than giving one smaller side more votes. 

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Maybe instead of splitting it up through current blocs it can have something to do with scores? That way as blocs fall apart and new ones are created the system doesn't break

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The structure you’ve proposed is both unrepresentative and so toothless that it wouldn’t be a meaningful change from the way the suggestions subforum currently works.

Edited by Edward I
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