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Emirhan Khashoggi

3rd Time's a Charm!

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Hello all!

It has been a grip since I was here last, so I might as well reintroduce myself. I was feeling a twinge of nostalgia while reading my previous blog posts out of whim; so, I am back!  I formerly ruled the Islamic Republic of Khevin as Vladimir Zhogin, Habibullah Sewick, Semyon Nikolaych, and then whoever ruled Harzotchka (I can't even remember). 

First, some background into my experience here: I was here from May of 2015 into the end of 2016, around the election resulting in Donald Trump. I ruled Khevin and later Harztochka and my nation reached 11-12 cities. That was big at the time, so I remember. I was a member in numerous irrelevant alliances until I joined Roz Wei (when Rozalia was the the shtick). I tended to revolve around the RP groups here as I frequented the blogs with the KNN (ahh good times) and my "crowd"  generally consisted of Canada ruled by Eric, Rozalia, Ryas, Goand, Narvan, Rekishtein, and many others. I still remember the massive treaty web, and the alliances of BK, Mensa, GPA (before it got whacked), and others. 

Second, since I have been absent for a longwhile, I might as well update you on who I actually am as a person. Around the time I started here was the end of 7th grade for me, and I left from here in the midst of my freshman year of high school. If anyone here still remembers me, I was 'interesting'. I was very timid at the start, not understanding that people here weren't middle school bullies. My first post was about Islam in Khevin (an idiot 7th grader, I know). Since my departure, I have matured more and am entering my senior year of high school, with political experience under my belt as well as a working knowledge of political theory and history, which I did not have back in the day. I can actually back up my beliefs and not just flaunt pure misinformation.

So, that is my brief reintroduction and I hope I can find myself back in the RP community here, as well as an alliance (please recruit me).

Thank you,

Emirhan Khashoggi (my new moniker)

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Well, welcome back. 

If you interested in rejoining Roz Wei, they go by Empyrea now, the emperor is gone thought. 

Else all former members of Roz Wei, is always welcome in Arrgh!

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The uhh... ehh... treaty web has... evolved....


By no fault of any of us! It just ...happened.

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