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I would like if you made better maps. for example i have posted and image. i would like to see something like this so we have a better understanding of our borders and who we are closest to/who we border. their can also be an option to choose what color your country shows up on the map as. also maybe not using google maps and instead using a dedicated map would make this easier. one more thing: I know that this might be hard to do. you would probably have to make a crap ton of regions for countries to take control over, and the API would probably need a revamp  it would be hard work, but i am sure the community would love this



EDIT: This is weird. go to anybody’s profile. no borders, yes? now, go to Alex’s Country. would you look at that...

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You may have run into a problem where the map outline you made during creation is not appearing in your map display. I, and I think at least a few others, have run into a similar issue.

If you go to Edit your nation and click Edit Nation Map, changes you make now should show up.



Additionally, on the Edit Nation page, go to the Continent & Map row and select Map Styling Options. From there you can select both outline and fill color for your Nation Map.


You can see a simple example on my nation. I haven't set up a complex border shape, partly because it's a bit finicky, but it can be done.

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