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Happy Fourth of July!

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It's motherfrickin' 4th of July. Today is America's 242nd birthday. 242 years ago to this day, our Founding Fathers declared their independence from the British Empire. After several harsh years of fighting, we kicked the brits out of the Thirteen Colonies like my mom kicked me out of the house for stealing to fund my chronic heroin and manga addictions.

The United States is not a perfect country, but our Founding Fathers understood that politics was fricked. This nation was founded on the principles of liberty, and although the times have changed a lot over the past two and a half centuries, those ideas still remain today. Contrast all the liberties Americans enjoy and take for granted to that with Europes, such as the British, who have to have a license to watch porn. Europeans, in general, will probably lose the ability to even make memes thanks to Article 13.

So, happy 4th of July y'all. Thank a service member, spend time with friends and family, and be sure to record that dank ass firework display. You all have a good one.



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