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As I was thinking of joining maybe ORP (I'd rather have it somewhat detached from my ingame nation, given that while I don't mind the theme for the game, I'd rather not RP a literature club), I was wondering where I should go. I'm not asking for a map, I found that on my own. I just want suggestions, given I'm not too picky. Thanks.

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Well, the Eastern United States is currently open, or you could hop on the Siberia bandwagon if you wished. Literally all of South America is available as well as much of Africa. It really is up to you, though we could really use a nation in India.

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I prefer to see (yes an another)  European Nation. It could spark just like it did irl,  the small space with many people on it with powerful militaries. 

Then as previously said,  India could be put to use. 

A Med African Anti-Colonization type of nation would be interesting with it intervning against colonizators. 


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Do you enjoy neighboring governments with a tinge of theocracy and dubious levels of popular democracy? 

Have you woke up in the mornings and thought "gee, I really hope the guy next door implements some sort of reactionary economic plan torpedoing his fledgling economy"?

Do you want to stake a claim in the mineral wealth of the northern reaches or help in the development of a potential regional trade organization?

Have you ever considered that perhaps having neighbors that enjoy festival days, siestas, flamenco dancing, and for some unexplained reason, rugby might be enjoyable?

Do you want to know what it feels like to experience the love and/or ire of the Patriarch of Cadiz, the leader of the one true church?



If you answered yes to these questions, The Republic of Aguacenta (where the leadership tries, but doesn't always get things quite right) might be the neighbor for you!

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