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  1. I'm quite sure this name is against the game rules.
  2. Maybe find a way different then a cost, because it's either gonna be too high or not high enough (if there is one)
  3. This is nice, but to do this, it might be necessary to extend the 5 day cap on wars.
  4. Ok, how about this, many people use low score nations to do this, what if you just make it so a nation must have a nation with 1000 or so score in it to have an alliance bank or just be an alliance?
  5. I'm sure it can go far, I mean, look how far it's gone already
  6. This shouldn't work, I mean, POWs are taken, not turned sides, if anything, make them lose troop, rather then them lose troops and you gain them
  7. Yeah, you're right, it'd be better just to make them unprofitable, but what about existing one, wouldn't they just be able to stay profitable?
  8. Even if there's a 100 day barrier, that really wouldn't stop larger alliances, and can be unfair for someone who's alliances falls apart on day 7
  9. Bu what about starting alliances, some of them might have a good amount of stuff to start off, but then they'd have a strict limit imposed.
  10. Tanks are useful, you it's more military stuff in general, and even though they fall to planes, it's good to have them. Let's say you're attacked, if you don't even have any tanks, your opponent has an advantage, because they can bring in tanks at a better combat rate and defeat you, but if you have tanks, then they have another factor to worry about. Additionally, if you're gonna worry about score, remember, you can only have 5 barracks per city, so 15,000 troops per city, that's a limit to 7.5 score, per city from soldiers (correct me if I'm wrong) whereas you can still build 5 factories past that, with 250 tanks per factory, that's the ability to get an additional 750 score max (again, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't trust my mental math here), so, yeah, they can be worth it.
  11. But then what if some nation creates an offshore and has good score? It could happen, and then they might have enough, though the 20M cost is a good idea @Theodosius
  12. But then wouldn't everyone just know then it's gonna be fake? If anything, make it be a 50/50 chance of sending out a fake spy report, then way you might go off it or you might chose not to, because it could be correct or it could be wrong.
  13. Nothing really specific, it's just that there's a lot of categories, is there a generic list of them and what they're for anywhere?
  14. I'm new enough to the game to post here, and I really don't know what to say, so, hi? P.S. There are way too many articles on the forum, any tips on how to navigate?
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