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  1. I mean, it's all a game at the end. We started by shwoing them quite interesting terms (by interesting I mean exagerated), but so did most leaders of any nation or alliance that has won a war, in game and irl. After, they'll show us theirs, and we'll see if we can find a middle ground. Fair enough
  2. I'm not trying to be mean or anything (especially since we're on the same side), but the treaty of Versaille turned out to be one of the biggest mistake that any nation in europe made in history. It was the principal reason why Hitler was mad at other powers, and the first thing that he said to his civilians to make him believe that non-aryans are bad. Learn about history before you make stupid comments. Also, know that if we make them do whatever we want like that, they'll get mad. Really mad (and for good reasons). And what do you think will happen? At some point, even if it's in like, 2 years, they'll beat us and make even worse terms. Which would be totally normal btw.
  3. Haven't thought of that, good idea. Also, this is like the 17th topic that the Originals start this month, but they're still a micro in my most people's mind, what is happening? That isn't really Original.
  4. I told her that this was gonna happen. However, she didn't listen, poor "queen". All hail the King, and may @StonyCrayon reign forever. Also, please disband.
  5. How dare you? Finally, I was waiting for a fun post.
  6. More infra ? Tbh, I'd love to see what House Stark is capable of. Show us your best.
  7. My brothers from tC, BK, slaves and company, BK dogs and roqbots, it is now time to ultimately and without mercy DESTROY t$ !!!!!!!!!!!!! We have waited for that moment for years now. The moment when BK slaves will be able to stand up for themselves, and to fight as well as BK against an enemy, and a powerful one. The obvious objectives during this new war are: -To let me steal t$'s bank, cause I'm loot hungry -To make sure that no t$ member steals their bank out of stress -That tCW restores it's military reputation -That abolishes slavery -That war dodgers understand that war dodging is bad, very bad, extremely bad, and is only reserved for RnR people that actually can't fight With this, dear BK slaves and slavesmasters, have a beautiful day. And may this blitz be your best.
  8. yeah yeah, so irrelevant that we dealt 90b damages, totally makes sense.
  9. Explain me precisely, how exactly you think that you won't lose.
  10. The funny part about my comparison is that the big brother would be ok with the his bro leaving, so what you said really dosen't make sense. If I had used a guy and his slave, then you could have said that. But as I said, since we're winning this war, and since we aren't as hurt as you, why would the little brother leave (if the little bro was one of our allies)?
  11. Yes it has crossed my mind, and everyone knows this. My point being that you're deciding to stay in the war out of friendship for all of your allies, and not out of fear, I believe that what you just typed dosen't make any sense.
  12. -KERCHTOGG is dealing less damages than Memesphere, so no check -Only if you're under 1.2k score, otherwise, you're pretty much dead. So no check -Ok, so how exactly are you winning? -Once again, if you're not under 1.2k score, you are pretty much dead. And even if you are, you still get attacked a lot, so no check -True -This one was a total joke -We are holding you down, and you're not holding us down. So we got that, you don't -Only for the ones under 1.2k score -Only for the ones under 1.2k score -Yeah, so you forgot that you were at war with us, but you have an average of 200 infra in every city, try again buddy Most of what I had written in my initial post was a joke, but since you took the time to answer, let me tell you something. If you are over 1.2k score, and that you're in KERCHTOGG, you'll get attacked almost everytime that you leave beige. If you're under that, you'll be dealing more than receiving, but only because you'll be hiding not to get declared on. Overall, we're dealing way more than you guys, and that's a fact.
  13. Ofc they did, after taking a beating for months. They left, but my point is that they could have done it way sooner. Instead, they chose to stay, and look what happened. They're almost last in terms of net damages, and they have lost a lot already. Anyways, I'm done being cocky. Is it too complicated to understand that you guys are technically losing the war?
  14. Let's say that you had a big brother who went in the army. He's your bro, so you asked him if you could join him. He has always been nice to you, and you want him to be proud, proud of his little brother. 2 years later, there's a big war. He fought a lot, just like you, but he's hurt. You want to leave, to stop fighting, but your desire to help him is even greater than your desire of leaving. So you stay in the war. 2 days later, both of you get killed during your sleep by enemies, along with some of your friends. For the whole time, he told you that it was your choice, that you could leave, but you wanted to stay with him. Out of love, and out of respect. This is exactly what's happening in this war, on KERCHTOGG's side. Alliances like Soup (your aa) want to stay in the war out of friendship for their sphere. And they say to everyone who calls them slaves that it's their choice, which is totally true. In that case, the big brother is TKR (let's say), and the little brother is Soup. But I am totally right, by staying in this war, alliances like KT and TKR are just hurting their allies. Because if they leave, their allies will leave, and the war will stop. There will be a peacetime of several months, and then another war will start (probably). But since those big alliances on your side think that they are "All Mighty" and super powerful, they stay. And what does it lead to? Their friends stay too. Now, you could say the same thing about Coalition B (AKA Memesphere, BK and slaves, NPO and roqbots or IQ 2.0), but the thing is that WE aren't the ones getting destroyed rn, you guys are. You could also, perhaps, and if you'd please, explain to me how you, a 17 cities, is to low in score to declare on me, a 15 city. It's probably not because you're losing, that's impossible...
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