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  1. Or “b*tch babbler”, perhaps.
  2. I can’t believe not one of these suggestions has anything to do with the fact that this war is when nova riata went *poof*. And nova riata was in the war on chaos’ side when shit went boom. 🤦‍♀️
  3. *charlie traveler, yup, b*tch babbler.
  4. Blessed be the Bay Leaf, Rebby. ~~~~~ Also, I Got 99 Problems but a Bisque Ain’t One!
  5. ... okay. Is this all original, from your very own brainspace? Because if it is... well. Color me impressed.
  6. I have very serious doubts that he remembers anything at all from last night. However... maybe in 6 months or so Charlie will grace us with the gift of the recording.
  7. I feel the need to point out (as Mr Booty did many times last night) that Mr Booty was *not* sober while gracing us with his lyrical genius.
  8. Mmm, the Soup is Hot!
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