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  1. I think thats one joke I shall not reveal.
  2. Let me break this down so ya'll can understand,The Sith cannot be allowed to return so Iam attacking Charlie.
  3. It has came to my attention that the sith under Charlie may return so Iam pulling an reversed Mace Windo,instead of being thrown out an window and losing my arm. Iam choosing to end the evil before it truly starts,Sith cannot be afford to go on unchecked so I declare war upon the Sith Alliance.This war will not stop until the lone Sith agrees to the fallowing. 1)Hand over any deathstar plans. 2) Agree to warcrime charges.
  4. Iam opposed to this,Saint Petersburg never received such things.
  5. Just as we know who the real ruler of Russia is.
  6. O yea totally hy fox wasn't Russia in economic trouble thanks to socialism?
  7. Wrong timeline putin never came into power.
  8. Fox earth is an planet choose a nation.
  9. Were on the earth? The moon isn't a nation.
  10. All done except a few who didn't clarify a nation.
  11. Nation name: Grand Republic Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=13580
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