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  1. South Korean Minister of National Security Hwang See-Juk released an Order commissioning the temporary closure of South Korean land borders facing UKF. Defense Minister instructed to send 5 infantry battalion, 5 medic corps and 20 ETUs (Engage-Terminate Units) to assist pro-government forces.
  2. 01001001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01110011 01110100 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101001 01110110 01100101 I guess i had decoded it already and "It's still alive"
  3. National Assembly accepts your request. We'll set up schedule for the meeting, as early as this week. We also acknowledges your invitation. We'll set the meeting ahead of time PS. Meanwhile, the referendum had finally ended, with matching results listed below: Q: Do you agree, that the sovereign Republic of South Korea, will held changes to its Constitution? YES - 62.5% NO - 37.5% Q: What provisions of our Laws do you think we must undertake for review and changes? (Choose at least 3) Article 1: Sovereignty Provisions - 19% Article 2: The Government - 23% Article 3: The System of Power - 25% Article 4: The Legislative Provisions - 19% Article 5: The Judiciary System - 16% Article 6: Defense and Securities Provisions - 21% Article 7: The Socio-Cultural Provisions - 12% Article 8: Economic Statutes - 10% Q: Do you held agree for "Charter Change"? YES: 74% NO: 16% UNDECIDED: 10% SUMMARY: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ TOTAL POPULATION: 110,176 NUMBER OF REGISTERED VOTERS: 61,212 NUMBER OF REFERENDUM PARTICIPANT: 57,884 REFERENDUM TURNOUT: 94.54%
  4. After lengthy debates and persuasion by members of the National Assembly, they had finally ended with 127-62-1 vote, yesterday, in favor for revision of the current constitution of South Korea. Referendum will be expected as soon as this week, and the whole nation is now getting ready to be heard by their voice, through this historical shift of the Korean Legislation, by their in-paper voting. Meanwhile, the proposal for "Charter Change" had been put into pending "list", as the Congress will adjourn, the end of the 2nd Congress, just right after the referendum.
  5. The National Assembly is now having debate regarding the proposed "Charter Change".
  6. Meanwhile, I'm willing to assist the Federal Republic of India to its rehabilitation efforts... Non-Aggression military and neutralized status had been approved and issued by the National Assembly of South Korea.
  7. You must incite it first delete your nation ahaha j.k.
  8. Ya it is... but then you had failed to destroy my nation tho'.
  9. I hadn't give you a round for your 2nd attack attempt against us.
  10. You had fought the wrong nation bro... you also underestimated my ability, you had saw after you incited your first offensive operation against us, you had almost destroyed our armed forces but we had accelerated our damage loss recovery by 90%, then, you put again a war, and you failed me to trash in beige again... anyway, even tho' we had past conflict, we're willing to help your nation to recover its losses, if you needed to. Past is past.
  11. Ikuwento natin sa pagong :D

  12. We also calls the attention of the Orbis Community and those victimized to retaliate against the Federal Republic of India!
  13. I extends my sympathy with your nation against provocative attacks of the Indian Federation. We condemn this ill-thought personal hate of their leader with Pol Pot of Cambodia and the whole National Assembly of South Korea. This war is unjustified and must put to an end!
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