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  1. Thank you all for your support, It really has helped. I hope I can stay in this game, it is a great community.
  2. Good luck, learn from my mistakes.
  3. Hail Hydra. This has been an epic ride. ( Proceeds to tell life story ) When I first got into this game, about 3 years ago, I was a communist nation. I joined Acadia, took out a couple grants, then left. I got hit hard by raids, and then quit due to too little time to play and life problems (foreshadowing). Even through that little encounter, I met many people and was fascinated how I could interact with complete strangers. I still look back at that experience today as sort of the seed I was planting to get to this point. Anyways, Around spring of last year, I remembered politics and
  4. Maybe I have my head in the sand.. And I was most likely dropped at a young age. But I saw the nuclear arsenal page when I was logging in yesterday and didn’t see Fraggle.. so.. did he/she (idek anymore) change their name? Cuz I got no clue..
  5. TCM accepts Sol Slayers 23 coal Oh shoot wait that didn’t happen.
  6. Lol I am joking. It is just funny bc I forgot. And we are plenty professional lmao
  7. Hmm. Well, I guess Hydra dosen't exist because we didn't ''declare'' we existed. Seems legit.
  8. Yup. I canceled. Still waiting to hear the reply on new proposals on the treaty. ?
  9. Hail! Let Cam’s reign continue.
  10. I suggest credit redemption prices get an update, as more money has been generated, credits need to be adjusted for inflation. My suggestion is to double the redeemability to $20M, as average credit pricing is hanging around there. If I spend $15 on credits, I want them to make an impact even if no one wants to purchase them. This I think will also raise donation count, and if money was an object for Alex (which I don't even know) it will help him or the PnW Server in some way I am sure. The great thing about this game is a Nation can become as big as it wants, free to play. But things ne
  11. Whatever happened to Orion? I cannot find anything about them.
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