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  1. Thank you all for your support, It really has helped. I hope I can stay in this game, it is a great community.
  2. Good luck, learn from my mistakes.
  3. Hail Hydra. This has been an epic ride. ( Proceeds to tell life story ) When I first got into this game, about 3 years ago, I was a communist nation. I joined Acadia, took out a couple grants, then left. I got hit hard by raids, and then quit due to too little time to play and life problems (foreshadowing). Even through that little encounter, I met many people and was fascinated how I could interact with complete strangers. I still look back at that experience today as sort of the seed I was planting to get to this point. Anyways, Around spring of last year, I remembered politics and war. The game where you could make your own nation, and control your own success. I knew summer would be coming pretty soon, and I knew I was going to be bored. So I made an account. “Taash” is the name of the nation. I thought up a whole backstory, and for the first month I really worked hard on that nation. I decided it was time to join an alliance. So, after finding out TKR wasn’t the best choice (imagine that) I found (with the help of people on discord) Typhon. I applied, and got in. I loved how everything was set up and quickly grew to 2k using their grants and such. I met many amazing people there, who would help me along my journey. As soon as I got in, I was greeted by someone called Evernt. I had no clue who this was, and I said hi back. After talking for a while, I managed to squeeze a few thousand tons of aluminum out of him for free. After talking more and more, he gave me a few tips on how I could make my nation better, and I used them. Over the next month he would become the closest friend I had on P.a.W. We often stayed up late talking about the happenings, the things Typhon could do, and how we would eventually rule the game. After talking with him when I initially joined, I found out he was a gov member. A power hungry new member, ( I think we can all relate ) I went straight to the top of the food chain to the commander of Typhon, Zephyr. I already had some ideas on how to improve the alliance, and he ( after long talks ) game me a position of “Community Affairs”. I accepted, and made many small changes around the alliance, so I felt I was making a difference. But I was never quite satisfied with what I was doing, and at that time I (wrongly) thought I was really being taken for granted. I am highly motivated, and I thought to myself I could do what Typhon did, replicate their success even better. I felt with my qualities, I could be the leader of one of the most successful alliances in game. So, I drew up ideas, and started working. My logo, my values, everything about my alliance would be perfect. Everything would be thought out, and then I would launch. I just needed a time. It just so happened, Evernt was thinking about leaving too. He was talking to someone called Nokia. Turns out, they were making an alliance too, which was perfect. “Hydra” (my alliance) and “The Coal Mines” (their alliance) would be linked throughout Hydras life. So, I had a time, and place. But I wasn’t going to just launch it. I needed allies, so I looked around and got some M level treaties, as well as a protector, USN. I haven’t talked to them in forever, but Matrix was always supportive. So, I had what I needed, friends, protectors, an idea. All I had to do was make it. So on the first of July, Hydra was born. I quickly got applications, and set up a truly state of the art discord compared to many of the ones I have seen. We grew pretty slowly in the beginning. But things picked up quick and we got to 15k fast. The workload was insane, I had to be everywhere at once. Then one day someone joined. He would go on to become my second in command, and help me through a lot of problems. SandmanWarrior713. He quickly grew from nothing into a powerhouse, grinding on baseball for hours. I admired his work ethic. He never got enough credit for his sacrifices, and I see that now. Hydra was my brainchild, but it was Sandman who really took it to the next level. If you have someone who is under appreciated, it may be a coworker, mother, family member,... make sure they know how much they mean to you. Because I feel like I never did with sandman. With that being said, him and I worked closely to get through many problems. We got up to 40k, and everything was going smooth. We were top 50, we reached our goal of getting out of that slum of less then 50, and things looked bright. Then School started. Realize, I had been on politics and war every day for around 3 hours, working on problems, keeping everyone in line. Now that school was starting, I couldn’t do that anymore. I made and announcement to everyone, warned them I wouldn’t be on as much anymore, and people seemed pretty fine with it. But with sports and school, I soon found it went from me on discord and politics and war for 3 hours every day, to 2... to 1.... to only on weekends... then to not at all. And with family issues and my dads health problems taking more time off, I stopped completely. And that was the relative beginning of the end. I checked in once every 2 weeks, and Sandman was doing great. So I took more time off. I forgot about it. Then one day, I checked discord. White names. Hundreds of notifications. I knew what happened, and I pushed it away for a week. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So today, I got on. Faced my fears. And It was true. The thing I spent hundreds of hours on making... was dead. I scrolled through the discord. Saw many of my former members saying “bye” or “hail Hydra” before leaving. And to be honest, I choked up a little. I spent so long on making this, and the slow and painful death I gave it it did not deserve. No one deserved it. Not Sand. Not my officers. Not my members. It hurt me to think about it, me not making time to keep it alive. But everything must die eventually. There are many metaphors which this can apply to. Sometime, one day, Alex will turn off the servers. One day, you, me, everyone with breathe one last time. And it turns out that I couldn’t stop it from happening, only a matter of when. People should know the story of Hydra, and there it is. Maybe not in its entirety, and I remember the many personal moments I shared with people on this game that brought us all together. I do not know what the future holds for me and this game. I may return again. As of the time of this post my nation is dying, but not altogether destroyed. I don’t know If I have the drive to keep it going. I guess we will see. But thank you to everyone who believed in Hydra, and everyone who worked, fought and helped it become a reality, it means everything to me. Hydras death was a suffocating one, one that it didn’t deserve in the least. Hail Hydra! - Sol
  4. Maybe I have my head in the sand.. And I was most likely dropped at a young age. But I saw the nuclear arsenal page when I was logging in yesterday and didn’t see Fraggle.. so.. did he/she (idek anymore) change their name? Cuz I got no clue..
  5. TCM accepts Sol Slayers 23 coal Oh shoot wait that didn’t happen.
  6. Lol I am joking. It is just funny bc I forgot. And we are plenty professional lmao
  7. Hmm. Well, I guess Hydra dosen't exist because we didn't ''declare'' we existed. Seems legit.
  8. Yup. I canceled. Still waiting to hear the reply on new proposals on the treaty. 🤨
  9. Hail! Let Cam’s reign continue.
  10. I suggest credit redemption prices get an update, as more money has been generated, credits need to be adjusted for inflation. My suggestion is to double the redeemability to $20M, as average credit pricing is hanging around there. If I spend $15 on credits, I want them to make an impact even if no one wants to purchase them. This I think will also raise donation count, and if money was an object for Alex (which I don't even know) it will help him or the PnW Server in some way I am sure. The great thing about this game is a Nation can become as big as it wants, free to play. But things need to be updated from time to time, and maybe this is one of them... I would be genuinely interested to hear your thoughts about this.
  11. Whatever happened to Orion? I cannot find anything about them.
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