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  1. John Zoidberg

    Phoenix burns

    Of course the Bee's are attacking the flower alliances...
  2. John Zoidberg

    Return of the Dragon

    I needed this.
  3. John Zoidberg

    Return of the Dragon

    You heard it here folks! Avansies Gaming is coming back to Orbis! This time... number 4 I think now..... we won't get overwhelmed with politics and sign all alliances as part of our "paperless bloc". Avansies plans to bring its entire community list or about 3400 players to Orbis! Just by completing the tutorial we'll become the top alliance and still have 14 days before we piss someone off and get rolled (Thanks beige timer). Avansies accepts all who wish to merge into us. Thanks.
  4. Who am I supposed to make the caskets for?
  5. John Zoidberg

    Just Revenge

    A war but no war? This confuses even the most veteran of shit posters.
  6. John Zoidberg

    International Tournament Entry

    If I hadn't spiked that tea it would of been very boring talks...
  7. John Zoidberg

    Afrikan Safari

    A "Bad Poster" = +499 Rep A "Good Poster" = -116 Rep I do enjoy the jokes of today's youth....
  8. John Zoidberg

    Open Season

    I mean since your own alliance members hit the applicant I'm not sure what the problem is.
  9. John Zoidberg

    Open Season

    Oof Thank God I bought those credits before I got blockaded! As an applicant with 0 military didn't think there was an issue. Hopefully we can just keep this to a 4v1 yeah?
  10. John Zoidberg

    Largest GDP per Capita

  11. John Zoidberg

    Open Season

    Dunno but people should check before they speak.
  12. John Zoidberg

    Open Season

    You pirates just stole the elves job. Hmmm. Pirates stealing......

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