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  1. I agree and am also primarily mobile. They suck, and just makes it more difficult. I am all for reverting it.
  2. Good luck bro! It was nice to meet you and work with you. I hope you the best and I look forward to your return 😊 Atlantis salutes you o7 🥳 🍻 😭 🤝 🔱
  3. It was a skirmish, not a war. Not even a mini war. But glad you held your ground at least. Should've pounded them down a bit though.
  4. Yall are bringing me out of forum retirement lmao. Micro wars are the best.
  5. Lmao how tf do you just declare a truce. Like you do know that they obviously didnt agree? Smh...
  6. Lol, well, we are allies. And no, NR wasnt dead yet.
  7. Tfw someone declares war on an alliance you already killed.... good luck just throwing resources away 😊
  8. How would one become apart of this glorious alliance? 😉
  9. Not to mention the fact that me and my guys just held like 10 nations in that range down and didnt give them the beige they were looking for 😂
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