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  1. Great job panth! Glad yall were able to take action against the scum of orbis!
  2. Global peace isnt our goal. Sovereignty in politics are. Being neutral doesnt mean we wont war, were not pacifists. It just means we dont partake in mainstream politics 😎
  3. We are still neutral. As in we wont be politically assigned in any major conflict. We are neutral as in we do not support any side in any war but our own. Our own, being this bloc. That's us, and 2 other alliances, all, with our own interests, and agendas. Glad I could clear that up for you. I see it was hard to understand. If you need more clear clarification, please do ask 😊
  4. On this day, we, The Lost Empire, The Regiment and The Red Banner do hereby declare into existence the Defensive Bloc, IronClad. Let it be known that an attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us. We pray for the poor souls who dont heed that warning. "May the Iron Shield us, may the Oak bind us, and may the Water carry us" Signed: The Lost Empire: Atlan Sir Oliver The Regiment: Simmons Colonel Hoffman The Red Banner: Reximus Wolfheart Blanba
  5. Imagine. Alliance banks being like a individual nation. But a bank, like a in game alliance function, that members of the alliance could send military to it to defend it. The military becomes "owned" by the bank nation and it assumes the appropriate upkeep.
  6. Achilles : I'll tell you a secret. Something they don't teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again
  7. Thanks guys, we wanted to wait until we were rank 30 to publish it. Publicity is bad when you're small 😂
  8. The Lost Empire (TLE) is an Alliance dedicated to Growth, Stability and Teamwork. We are a neutral alliance, and do not seek conflict, however if attacked, we will retaliate with unrelenting force. We are currently looking for new members to help us grow! We have plenty of benefits, including Grants, defense and a friendly community. If you're looking for a fun, relaxed and helpful alliance, drop by our Discord and apply today! Legatus of Warfare: Kim Yo Dong Legatus of Diplomacy: Chinese Jesus Legatus of Economics: Legatus of Internal Affairs: Mmnph Tribune of Warfare: Saredsei Tribune of Diplomacy: Carolus Rex Tribune of Economics: Tribune of Internal Affairs: Joyus Turnip Man We pledge to always uphold the laws and integrity of Atlantis. We pledge to always defend and protect Atlantis and her interests. We pledge to forevermore be found. Any raids on members or applicants will be met with counters. This is your only warning. "They said we were lost, Well let us be found" Join the Ocean Empire today! We offer Grant's, protection, guidance and a friendly, close knit community. Plus low taxes! New nation's growth will be expedited to 10 cities and adequate military, supported by growth programs and training. We have a past in Orbis. It isn't the dullest, nor the brightest, but we have a past. Originating from the NCR, we made our way through war torn land, and became Gods. We were honored a place in GodFury, as deities of Orbis. However, we fell into chaos with the gods. They banished us and GodFury. Poseidon still liked us though, and he decided to secretly aid us in a new alliance. He granted us part of his sea domain, and named it Atlantis. He told us to build a great alliance there, and to hide from Zeus and Aries until we were large enough to prove our worth. So we hid, secretly building a lost Empire that was forgotten about. The time for hiding is done, "They said we were lost, Well let us be found" Now the Gods can look upon us and tremble as we make our way in Orbis. May The Lost Empire live long, and be fruitful in her endeavors.
  9. We are neutral in this global war, we have no intention of engaging in a war when were so new. We have friends, political ties and such, but we are remaining neutral for awhile. We are large, but no where near ready to be involved in a war. We are focusing on establishing our alliance and getting secure before we go anywhere near conflict. We recognize that we cant realistically remain neutral forever, but for now, we are and will stay that way
  10. Belly up? Lmao. Ok now that's hilarious. Were not ready for war, and anyone can see that. But if we did so bad against your whole coalition, why did you want a MDoAP afterwards? Also, just like this instance, you violated your bloc charter and dont have help. Poor leadership buddy, I'll bring some flowers to your funeral.
  11. Nope, just watching the fire, roasting s'mores. Oh, I better throw them away, cant cook on coal, its poisonous.
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