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  1. Oof, we didnt break any oaths bro, but tell yourself whatever you have to so you can get by.
  2. Sad to see 1 alliance's actions dissolve your support for the rest of us fighting on your behalf, but ultimately I wish you luck on your rebuild and appreciate your support for as long as it lasted. Atlantis Solutes you 07
  3. Congratz guys! Thanks for your time and dedication. Good luck in your rebuild!
  4. Damn, yall have been around a while. Sorry to see such a influential alliance disbanding. Never really knew you, but no community should be destroyed over a war that is already far too long. Good luck in your journey through space!
  5. Cant say I havent been in their shoes. Trial and error right? O7 to Interstellar and i hope yall learned a bit from this. I'll be looking forward to your next journey in war.
  6. Does that mean I need to make a new war declaration?
  7. In honor of GodFury, this gif will go onto TLEs Alliance page for the duration of this war.
  8. Dude. This was very depressing and inspiring to see. Not even gonna lie, this brought some feelings back. Regardless of your intent, thank you.
  9. Good luck and I'll see you on the battlefield! Death to GOONS!
  10. I dont expect them to know these things, so I dont bother explaining it to them. Now that its explained thoroughly maybe they'll understand, who knows? GOONS basically makes up their own rules as they go.
  11. Well that's what you get for thinking I guess. Did you forget that yall violated the peace terms several times in the first 2 hours? Or did you forget you also broke a NAP today? Quit crying and lay down.
  12. I've been laughing since we blitzed. Really proud of my noobs' GOONs killing ability. Ps. Dont be salty and toxic because you're laying in a grave you dug. You knew this was coming, and if you didnt then you are truly special.
  13. Lmao, that's not admitting defeat. That's explaining that we have nothing to lose. Were not here for toxicity and shitposting. Were here for experience and growth. GOONS just made a mighty fine target for themselves.
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