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  1. The Regiment (TR) -The Lost Gates- "This is it boys. The end of the line. Offload your bags here and wait for the gates to open." Shouts Simmons, Commander In Chief of The Regiment. He looks over his weary, war-torn band of soldiers with confidence as they offload all of their meager belongings. Mostly just the clothes they have on and guns, ammo and just a couple loaves of bread. They finished the last of the water 12 hours back. The submarine leaves almost as soon as the last bags were grabbed. As it rumbled away there was a scraping sound in the opposite direction, the gates were opening. Simmons turns to look and there are a group of Merman carrying water and food towards us. The supplies were distributed, and then the group started loading the baggage into a big, trident shaped ship. "Hello old friend!" Shouts Atlan, the Ocean Master of The Lost Empire (TLE) as he walks up to simmons. "I'm glad you made it safely, lets get inside so we can start the transition. Also, congrats on your campaign. It was a hard fought war and you guys gave it your all. You deserve every bit of luxury Atlantis has to offer." P.S. RIP The Regiment, may your deeds be remembered for years to come. Proud to have had yall as allies and I look forward to our future! The Regiment merges into The Lost Empire
  2. O7 Ming, its been a great 2 years that I've known you guys. I am grateful to have had you as an ally and I wish you all the best
  3. Despite all the jealousy of our new swampy home, TLE would like to congratulate everyone on finding such a nice, wet home. O7 to Fark, Ampersand, The Fighting Pascifists, The Immortals and The Federation! To answer some pixel hugging accusations, although I appreciate the attention, TLE has never abandoned an ally. Last war we entered was for a ODoAP I didn't even like ?? Also, a shout out to The Regiment for being such good non-pixel hugging allies! Btw, you can't drain the swamp when Atlantis is part of it. ?
  4. I've played with your group for over 2 years semi closely, and I would never believe you would intentially have multis. I commend yall for being transparent in this, and I respect your perseverance through this. Good luck and I am happy to be an ally ??
  5. Blitzers? Is that like the wannabe of the wannabe Arrgh?
  6. Superior memes... hmmm. I take your meme challenge. Round 1: fight
  7. Ok, I like the "We do not fear Jazz" part. Made me laugh.
  8. Not even gonna comment. TLE defended their ally pantheon and schrute, The Regiment. chaining treaties in every direction. That's all there is to it.
  9. Oof, we didnt break any oaths bro, but tell yourself whatever you have to so you can get by.
  10. Sad to see 1 alliance's actions dissolve your support for the rest of us fighting on your behalf, but ultimately I wish you luck on your rebuild and appreciate your support for as long as it lasted. Atlantis Solutes you 07
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