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  1. Saving this for later. Simple then that 👌
  2. Will be fun, more pixels to burn. Oh btw, next time wait till you're out of vm and maxed on mil.
  3. For some background, crunch raided, BS countered, crunch raided more declaring on more Bs, then Alan asked for 50M. For those that are uninformed.
  4. Great to know you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future ❤
  5. Congrats and well lived Swamp ❤
  6. Also, you say "we" like you weren't in TLE for at least half the conflict 😂 get off the forums until you're ready 😘
  7. You must've forgot how to read, but not leak. Go lay down super secret spy that leaks member level shit 😂
  8. Thanks for the positivity everyone, glad to finally move on from this ❤ For the trolls, catch me in RON how bout that? 😘😜
  9. Swamp and Arrgh find common ground The open seas have fallen silent for weeks now. Sunlight broke through the thunderheads above and glinted on the ship's cannons. Sure raids were common, but our combat had never before been on the scale seen here. A rallying cry went out to The Ampersand's allies, Arrgh was raiding their coasts. The pirates and their bloodlust was growing and we had to stop them. Our coalition launched every ship we had in defense for The Swamp. We fought for every inch. Stalemate, one step forward, one step back. A costly and senseless war. When we look back upon this war we will still feel pride, pride in our bravery and comradery. We call an end to this conflict, neither side victorious, nor a loser. Peace with honor has been reached, and although raiding will no doubt continue, Tomorrow the Swamp is returning home while the pirates turn to other shores. Cheers to Swamp and Arrgh alike, tonight we celebrate with the best beer from Farkistan, the best rum from Arrgh. TL;DR, Swamp and Arrgh sign a White peace
  10. In the time I've known you, you've become a favorite. Still Jealous I didn't get you into TLE 😉. Great things coming for sure, look out for it 😘
  11. Don't worry, I cried a bit too ❤ Thanks man, I tried to set the best example I could. Cheers to Oasis 🍻
  12. I truly have love for all of you. O7 Xi, you have a very bright future in TLE.
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