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  1. Richard Payne III

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    Lol, well, we are allies. And no, NR wasnt dead yet.
  2. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Yay, new slots!
  3. Richard Payne III

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    Tfw someone declares war on an alliance you already killed.... good luck just throwing resources away 😊
  4. Richard Payne III

    Through the Gates of Olympus: Join GodFury!

    How would one become apart of this glorious alliance? 😉
  5. Richard Payne III

    Nova Riata and Statesmen RoH with Pantheon and Allies

    Good try tho
  6. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Not to mention the fact that me and my guys just held like 10 nations in that range down and didnt give them the beige they were looking for 😂
  7. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    I would never forget about you guys 😍 see you soon bby Once again, Rose went for TCW. Not TKR
  8. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Rose hasnt asked us for help, and plus we dont have anyone in the range where they need help. Quite frankly nothing any of you are saying make sense. Seems like people have too much time on their hands lmao. We hit TKR. Rose hit TCW. If rose wants our help, they know they only have to ask.
  9. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Rose didnt roll TKR lmao. TKR is still alive and kicking. No, we didnt get involved right at the beginning, but there was reasons for that as I said before. As for warchests, we have enough to last. And once again, this will be an example to some of my guys why it's important to have one.
  10. Richard Payne III

    UH-TF-TDU War Memes

    Lmao, GodFury hasnt even done anything. We just looked at em 😂
  11. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Lmao, well thanks. Were not beiging them, but I am going to return a nuke I found in one of my cities 😂 💣
  12. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    I completely agree, and the guardian removal was requested by allies. The original plan wouldve fit in with your comment, and wouldve been alot better. But things didnt go that way so we jumped in where we fit.
  13. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    There were other plans not yet discovered that held us back. By the time we were cleared to enter they were already slotfilled. GodFury was Militarized and ready, so I decided to hit TKR in the meantime. Because of the wait, theres really no where we can focus all of our attention except the bigger guys. We havent even hit TDU or statesmen, or nova.
  14. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Well, there were multiple reasons. For one, GodFury is a young alliance and weve grown a ton. This war I saw as good experience for me and all of my members, especially gov. Plus, well, all of our allies were on one side of it. There were also other minor issues with some alliances on the other side of things. Overall, I think it was a great experience for GodFury to take on. Say what you want, we didnt do this to "Get on the wiki" But hey, I'm glad were there and I'm glad we took this opportunity. Long Live GodFury Oh, and btw thanks pantheon, we appreciate your support.
  15. Richard Payne III

    Naughty List

    Damn, do I deserve that much attention? Thanks, I'm really coming up in the world 😘

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