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  1. "Silence is a political statement" -- Tariq Ramadan
  2. Unlikely. The idea that demographic shifts will necessarily move states from right to left is silly; if it held true, every single state would be blue inside of twenty years (or rather, every state would be blue already as the free love generation came into power). A few states are more likely to move left than others: Virginia, for instance, is a real case of demographic shift. Texas is likely to moderate itself a bit, but a number of factors outside of demographics suggest it stays centre-right. No stupid. let me google that for you... https://www.google.com/search?q=texas%20demographic%20shift#q=texas+shifting+blue
  3. We must also remember that Texas at most in another decade will shift blue from demographic changes...completely redefining US presidential elections with our dumb electoral voting system.
  4. Out of 11 votes... I am the only feeler type. only 3 are extroverted. I'm certainly not surprised, especially by the wealth of INTJ
  5. Google your shit. You'll turn up with thousands of websites and forums talking about the various types and variants etc.
  6. Following the inevitable, I started it! This is the Jung typology test. It determines a personality type with a four digit letter code. You can be one of 16. I think most of you will find it accurate. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp If you click on the support links once done, or if you just google it, you'll find some dandy information. Mine:
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